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August 19, 2017lorenxalicia

I was tagged by Hazel over at fleurcharms to complete the 10 Happy Things Tag. I’m not the most bubbly and cheery 100% of the time type of person, however I do get overly happy and excited about a fair few things in my life. So here is my list of the top 10 things which make me happy.

10. Dance Moms

Trust me, I have literally binge watched all of the Dance Moms seasons and can quite easily watch them repeatedly. I love the dances the girls perform, as well as having the insight to the Mama drama which goes on behind the scenes of the competitions. Especially by watching the seasons back to back you get to see all of the girls grow up and become mature dancers, so it kinda of feels like you have grown up with them in a sense. I even have quite a few of the dance’s soundtracks on my phone which I tend to dance round the living room to, pretending to be the next Maddie.. I wish!

9. Disney

I have always loved Disney tv-shows and movies since I was a young child and I reckon I will continue to watch them even throughout my adulthood. I mean the other week I cancelled my Now TV and took out Disney Life, which is not only saving me a couple of pounds, but also has every Disney related thing I could ever need all in one place. I used to take advantage of visiting my parents so that I could watch the Disney channel there as we do not have it included in our TV package. But now I can watch it wherever I want, so I have been binge watching just about every series on there! One downside to it though, is I cannot seem to find an app for the PS4/Xbox to be able to watch it on the TV, although I have sussed out how to screenshare from my phone – if anyone knows how I can watch it on the consoles let me know!

8. Christmas

Yes I said the C word in mid-August. I absolutely love Christmas time, and not only because it is my birthday. I love the festive atmosphere, cozy nights and chilly snowy weather outside – well its England so more icy than snowy. But there is just something about it that fills my heart with a warm fuzzy feeling that sticks with me all of winter. Believe me, as soon as it hits the 1st November I want to crack all of the Christmas decorations out and start listening to carols..nevermind the fact that we have bonfire night before then!

7. Autumn

Recently, I have started to discover a new found appreciation for the Autumn season. I used to just switch straight to Christmas mode as of September but now I am in love with the season. Autumn to me is the time of year where you can start wearing more interesting colours like mustard, burgundy, brown, green etc. As well as a full on Pumpkin takeover, from lattes to scented candles, I am all over them bad boys as soon as they become available. One thing I love doing in Autumn is going conker picking, and new for this year – I discovered that you can pick your own pumpkin at a farm 20 mins from our house which I really want to do!

6. Music

I love listening to music and feel like a song with a good beat can boost your mood instantaneously. When I am home alone I like to put some music on and dance around the living room or practice my skating jumps and spins off ice. I always find that music is a good distraction too, especially when cleaning, just stick on your favourite song and have a dance while doing what you really don’t want to do, and before you know it you have finished and had fun while doing it.

5. Discovering new places

Don’t get my wrong I love going to the same places all the time and making them into a tradition. But I also enjoy exploring new places to go for a walk, for food or even just to spend the day just to mix it up a bit. And who knows, you could find a gem, just like when my mum and I visited the vintage tearoom in Blithbury Reindeer Lodge and when Mike and I visited the Canalside Farm. There is just something about discovering somewhere new that makes me so excited.

4. Friends

Catching up with my friends always puts a smile on my face and leaves me in such a good mood. Even when we haven’t seen each other for a while we still chat and gossip like we have never spent a moment apart, which is what I love about my friends.

3. Cats

It wouldn’t be a list of my favourite things without adding cat to my list. No matter what mood I am in, just showing me an adorable photo of a cat will have me grinning like a cheshire cat followed by them darn happy watery eyes. I also enjoy watching them funny cat videos on Youtube and I think there was a TV show not that long ago about cats.. I believe it was something like ‘Cats make you LOL’. I could watch them kinds of clips over and over again and let out the biggest belly laughs you have ever heard. I don’t know where this deep love for the little fluffy creatures has steamed from, but I really do love cats.

2. Figure Skating

I have been ice skating now for over 3 and a half years now and I love every moment of it. Yeah I get frustrated when I cannot do a move right or I stumble on simple steps, but it really does make me happy. Figure skating is my escape from the world for a bit of time, just feeling the wind in your hair and the chill on your face when gliding along with no effort needed at all relaxes me so much. Even when I listen to music I always picture how I would skate to it in my mind. And also when taking part in the past 3 shows I have gained so many friends who are really supportive and they make me feel like I am part of a ‘rink family’ and it makes me so happy inside

1. Family

Obviously these bunch of loons would be at the top of my list of things that make me happy. My family are forever making me giggle and they never fail to improve my moods instantly. I could never picture myself without them, as they are there for me whenever I need them and that kind of support and love from people so close to you, just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I know I don’t express my feelings easily but I really do appreciate my parents and my fiance – they really do mean the world to me.

I nominate Alice, Amy and Emma


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