20 Common Girl Struggles

June 28, 2016Loren
  1.  No matter how many hair bobbles and hair pins you buy, you ALWAYS lose them!
  2.  Copying makeup tutorials are a LOT harder than you think
  3.  That seering pain you get when your underwire stabs you in the side
  4.  Menstrual cramps.. just saying
  5.  The day you look your worst, out in your sweats and old tshirt..you happen to bump into EVERYONE you know
  6.  When your friends don’t acknowledge the buddy system on a night out and you end up wandering to the toilets by yourself
  7.  The fact that guys assume that because you are stressy that you are PMS’ing all the time..
  8.  Getting makeup in your eye e.g. eyeliner/mascara.. however I have actually managed to get foundation in my eye before, don’t know how…but it surely wasn’t fun!
  9.  When you aren’t on the same wavelength as your hairdresser and you don’t really get what you came for…
  10.  Wearing heels because they make you look slim and go amazingly with your outfit, when actually they are killing you to walk in
  11.  Going online to look up fitness routines to try and end up looking amazing indulgent foods
  12.  When its windy and the hair is constantly stuck to your lipgloss
  13.  There is always a queue outside the ladies toilets, wherever you go!
  14.  When you snap your nail but it doesn’t fully break so you have to fix it to avoid further pain
  15.  Buying new clothes and not wearing anything else but them until you are bored of them and have to go shopping for more
  16.  Going to try on clothes in a shop, or in the queue to buy them, and you discover that there is some strangers makeup all over it…eeee
  17.  Burning yourself with straighteners/curlers, it hurts SO bad. I’ve once burnt my forehead with by curling wand and left a mark for days!
  18.  When your makeup is looking flawless and you end up sneezing and getting mascara all over your face…
  19.  That little dance you have to do to get skinny jeans on..
  20.  No matter how hard you try, you very rarely find matching underwear, unless you just bought a new set..

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