25 Christmas Markets to Visit in the UK

December 9, 2017lorenxalicia

One of my favourite things to do over the festive period is to visit a market and indulge in delicious foods and browse through the cute nick-nacks. There are so many across the UK and I want to attend loads of different ones for a day out. Therefore I thought I would put a list of 25 Christmas Markets for you to visit across the country.

  1. Birmingham German Market
  2. Telford European Market
  3. Stoke Winter Wonderland
  4. Cardiff Christmas Market
  5. Bath Christmas Market
  6. Stafford Christmas Market
  7. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
  8. Manchester Winter Wonderland
  9. York Winter Wonderland
  10. Lincoln Christmas Market
  11. Leeds Christmas Market
  12. Chester Christmas Market
  13. Edinburgh Christmas Market
  14. Worcester Victorian Christmas Fayre
  15. Newcastle Christmas Market
  16. Kielder Winter Wonderland
  17. Nottingham Winter Wonderland
  18. Liverpool Christmas Market
  19. Exeter Christmas Market
  20. Devon Christmas Market
  21. Llandudno Christmas Fayre
  22. Derby Christmas Market
  23. London Christmas Market
  24. Winchester Christmas Market
  25. Shrewsbury Christmas

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