5 Things To Do In Scarborough

September 23, 2017lorenxalicia

Last weekend I visited Scarborough with my Dad. As he grew up there when he was little and hadn’t visited there in years, we decided to go and have a look around. And thought I would share with you some things that you can get up to while you are there.


With a numerous amount of arcades on the main front, you are guaranteed to never be bored. While I was there my dad and I played two rounds on this Walking Dead game which was so fun! The controller was a crossbow, which gave us all the Daryl vibes and you flicked the handle to reload and there was a trigger on the handle to fire. Most of the game I was frantically shooting and reloading, never really hitting any in the head. I should of got a picture of it to show you but on the back of it there was the signature ‘Dont Open Dead Inside’ quote seen in the first ever episode of The Walking Dead.

ScarboroughMarine Drive

The walk from the main strip and around Marine Drive is so nice, it’s not too far to walk and can be done in stints if you are struggling. All along the side are bounds of riff raff (cue prior as level geography nerd) which helps to break up the waves as they hit the shore so they don’t spill over onto the footpath and road. Originally this part of the coast was formed using a curved wall and a relatively short metal railing. However, they found that when the waves were crashing in during the windier weather, people walking past and cars were getting covered in sea water. Although I did get the odd taste of sea water walking by in the wind, it was nothing compared to it used to be before.

ScarboroughYay Coffee

The night before we went, we were discussing places to go and mentioned stopping somewhere for coffee. And me being me googled it and found possibly the cutest looking coffee shop ever. It is called Yay Coffee! which for a start off sold me on the place already. Situated just off main street, this little shop was straight forward to find when using the sat nav on my phone. It is located within a basement of a house so caught me out a little when looking for a sign for it, but we found it rather easily which is great. There are a set of steps down to the front door which are rather steep so I would not recommend this for anyone who needs to go somewhere accessible.

The interior decorations were so homey with polaroids on the wall surrounded by fairy lights. So many cozy cushions and the orange walls gave me a real tumblr vibe. I was sat in what reminds me of a little reading nook surrounded by fairy lights and fluffy cushions which were so comfy. The place itself is on the small side but none the less it is so quaint as a result of that. The staff are so friendly and welcoming, which makes you feel right at home.

We both went for a latte and salted caramel brownie and they were so delicious! The brownie was so juicy and moist, just melted in your mouth. My Dad is a serial Costa go-er so had very rarely visited a place like this which bring you super cute coffees and he loved it. We would both recommend this coffee shop to anyone that visits Scarborough!




Peasholm Park

We took a walk through Peasholm Park which was so pretty, and not just because of all the crisp red and brown leaves dotted around. The park itself looks to be based on Asia whereby they have lanterns, dragon boats and buildings which reminded me of China.

According to my Dad when he was little they used to put on boat battles in the main lake part and switch the twinkly lights on all around the park making it look so cute and festive. Shame it was still light when we were there as I would of loved to see it all lit up.

While we were going around we were greeted by two very friendly squirrels which came right up to us! I managed to crouch down to take some photos but as I reached out to pet one of them my Dad warned me against it..but they looked so cute!


ScarboroughBeach Huts and Doctor Who

I had to put these two together in one point as they both relate to great photo opportunities while you are there. I was first drawn to the multi-coloured beach huts while we were walking down Marine Drive and I HAD to go and have a look. These are like the ultimate instagrammers photo background. Unfortunately I was wearing a cozy jumper and jeans so felt an outfit photo with these bad boys would look a bit odd. However, I would definitely recommend coming here in the summer wearing a beachy outfit to get the best background. And as there are multiple colours there you are bound to find one to match your clothes.

Another thing we came across while we were there was a vintage blue police box, which gave me major Doctor Who nerd flashbacks. So I had to take a photo of this while I was there! I am not sure if this actually has any link to Doctor Who as I did see these boxes in gift shops along with other police ornaments. Therefore I reckon that this could be a vintage police box left for viewing purposes.



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