Goals I Want To Achieve in 2017

January 11, 2017Loren
Goals I Want To Achieve

As it is now the start of a new year I thought I would set some short term goals for myself which are realistic and something I am likely to be motivated to achieve by the end of 2017. And also resolutions that I can review at the end of the year to see how well I did with them. So without further ado, below are the goals I want to achieve in 2017.

  • Continue learning Polish – last year I had a soundtrack on my phone which helped me learn Polish however since I have swapped phones I have now lost this so looking into finding it again as I was finding it really useful. Just sitting there with my headphones in listening along. As one day I would love to have a conversation with my Fiance’s parents in their native language and even visit his family that still live over in Poland.
  • Try to eat better – I’m not the best at sustaining a healthier diet as I usually cave quite easily, so this is why this goal is to eat better. Which means controlling my portion size and how often we eat takeout. Not limiting myself so much I am likely to break and have a massive binge after a bad day.
  • Visit more places – Me and Mike have already discussed travelling at the end of 2017 start of 2018 with package holidays we have seen to Paris and Iceland. As we both want to see as much of the world as we can before we get older and want to make more memories beyond where we live.
  • Look into Youtube – I’ve always been a lover of the good old Youtube, I mean I used to make videos when I was younger with clips from TV shows and Films I had recorded on my laptop to music and even dance around and creating my own music videos with friends. But as Youtube has evolved I most definitely want to have a taster of what this new community has to offer. Its just having the confidence in myself to put myself out there
  • Drink more water – I am one to forget about the importance of keeping your body hydrated. I can normally go a whole day of work on just a cup of tea and 1 glass of water which I barely touch. I just tend to forget to drink as I don’t feel the cravings for drinking but I most definitely need to drink more water instead of pumping my body full of Caffeine to get through the day
  • Stretch more – I find when I stretch a lot it helps with my figure skating so much. So therefore this year I am making the effort to stretch at least once a day. Whether thats in the morning before work or in the evening after work.
  • Keep my head up – Another thing related to skating, my coach always mentions to me that I am skating looking at the ground and thats not good at all for your balance. And it annoys me because I find that I do it subconsciously, therefore I am going to try my best to put my trust into my feet to let them do what they know to do without me having to stare them down.
  • Read a book and finish it – I would much rather watch a film or TV show than read a book, but I think that reading helps you more than you know. It inspires you and also helps you expand your vocabulary. Therefore this year I am aiming to start a book and stick with it to the end as I find when I start one I get distracted very easily or end up sitting on top of the story rather than within it – if you know what I mean. So send me some suggestions to try out!
  • Attend more blogging events – After going to the #BloggerHalloweenParty last year and meeting so many lovely bloggers, it really inspired me to want to start going to as many blogging events that I can or even meetups with fellow bloggers. So far for this year I already have an event and a meetup in the works which is super exciting!

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