April Recap

April 30, 2018lorenxalicia

As I have been busy almost every weekend in April, I thought I would do a post recapping on all the amazing things I have done this month rather than rushing individual posts. I have also included a couple photos from the days as I look back on the previous weekends endeavors.

To start off with, as seen in my previous post, we went to my cousin’s wedding on the 6th April. The setting for the day was stunning and we really enjoyed ourselves. You can see what we wore to the wedding in detail here. To the right you can see a photo of my cousin and her now husband having their first dance. How beautiful does she look in her dress!? She looked just like a princess.

The following weekend to that, my parents and I went to go see Dancing On Ice The Live Tour in Birmingham. I was super excited to go as I really feel like the TV show when it was previously on, was the reason I wanted to learn to skate like 4 years ago.

My parents treated me to these lovely goodies from the show and I have my new annual on the bookcase, my pen is at work and I have worn the t-shirt to every time I go to my skating sessions. I swear that top is my new good luck charm when I train as I have done so well with my routine for the competition and mastering my skills has greatly improved!

The show itself was absolutely mind blowing, through the whole show I was cheering and clapping like a loon, but I didn’t care at all. Watching the professionals made my love for the sport grow even stronger, and I definitely want to aim to be a show skater in the future. Here are some photos I took from the seats we had, which had a very good view may I add.

My favourite routines that they had done specifically for the show were the one where Vanessa Bauer skated to Jake singing ‘Say Something’. It was beautiful to watch her skate as she was one of my fave professionals on the show. I also enjoyed watching Torvil and Dean skate together which was so magical. See below some of the videos I took.

And finally, the 21st April was my Dad’s birthday and we went out for lunch at Pizza Hut where we stuffed our faces with delicious food. We skipped pudding in the restaurant as I had baked my Dad a cake which we ate in the garden with a glass of Violet Gin. The cake turned out so much better than I though, it was just a basic sponge but it had salted caramel icing with chopped up Mars bars and various chocolate sprinkles.

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