BBC Good Food Show June 2017

July 1, 2017lorenxalicia

On the 17th June I attended the BBC Good Food Show at Birmingham NEC. I had never been before so I did not know what to expect, but I was greatly surprised.

In the morning I jumped on a train to Birmingham International and wandered over to the show. When I reached the press lounge which was inside the venue itself I decided to chose the show time slot with Joe Wicks. I had about an hour and a half to kill before the show so I had a walk around I swear I felt like I was running around in circles, so I’m not too sure I actually saw everything but what I did see was amazing.

While I was on my travels I picked up some cider from Cranes’ stall. I sampled the cranberries and lime one and it was delicious. They had an offer on for 3 for £7? (If I can remember rightly) so I picked up one of each flavour they had to offer. Cranes is owned by two twins who use fresh cranberries to make their cider along with apple, which is a change to the commonly used pear and plain apple cider in the supermarkets. They claim to contain 30% less calories in them than the other leading cider brands as they fully utilize the cranberries they use. Making the cider itself taste super fruity as well as being light.

The other stall I was intrigued by was one selling flavoured fudge. I do not recall the name of this stall but the gentleman there was so helpful in aiding me to decided which flavours to purchase to complete their 3 for £10 offer. I had my eyes on the Amaretto one, not only because it came in a cool wine glass, but because I love the taste on amaretto so was curious to see what it tasted like within a fudge. And this as such a good choice because it tastes delicious! They all do! I also picked up a raspberry and mango one which tastes like sweets and the vanilla and kinder bueno one which is so creamy and yummy.

And after running around like a headless chicken trying to find my way to where I needed to be, I finally made it to the show with Joe Wicks. He made two yummy dishes as well as talking about his new book. At the beginning of the show they had a competition between a select few audience members to win one of his books. The challenge was to do as many push-ups as you can and surprisingly there was an elderly woman up on the stage absolutely killing it – think she said she was about 70/80 I can’t remember exactly but she was a star.


There was a bit of gardening stalls within the arena however I tended to stick to the food section. After a long day of walking I decided to go home and then discovered that there was a huge gazebo outside with live music and other bits and bobs going on outside. However, I was so tired I decided to carry on my way to the station instead of exploring a bit more. It was super hot that day so I ended my time there early. Although if I was up to it I would of kept walking around all day. I will most definitely be considering going to the Christmas one in the winter time.


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