BBC Good Food Show – Winter

December 4, 2017lorenxalicia

As now my fiance has finally started his normal shifts at work, I have him all to myself again on the weekends. And what perfect timing than to attend the Winter BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham. We set off from home at about 9:30AM and took a trip to the shop beforehand to grab some essentials. At 11AM we arrived at the NEC, parked up and wandered in.

Food Show

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stalls, we had no idea where to go first. At the first stall we went to, I had a taster of some hazelnut alcohol – Mike couldn’t drink as he was the designated driver. I was handed a sample of it, and I was so amazed, it tasted so good considering I had it neat. Blown away by the how nice it was, I decided to grab us a bottle to share for £20. The drink we purchased was by the Polish brand Krupnik and was being exhibited by The Drinks Orchard who stock this.

Food Show

We also headed to the Tipple Brands stand and had a taste of their Happy Down cocktails. By this point Mike was feeling super jealous that I was getting to try all these delicious drinks. These tasted so good, like you couldn’t taste the alcohol in them at all. They came in three unique flavours; Lychee/Guava/Chilli, Lemon/Cucumber/Mint and Raspberry/Pomegrante/Basil. We have seen these previously in Tesco, but on the stall they had an offer on of a gift box containing all three flavours for £6. So of course, we grabbed ourselves a box and off we went on search for more goodies.

Food Show

We also popped in and had a look at the Winter Kitchen where they were demonstrating how to make a festive scone using an amaretto based buttermilk topping. I liked how on this stand, when the presenter – Lotte Duncan, was showing you how to make them, there were two pairs either side of the stage cooking along too.

Food Show

There was also a stand selling hot sweets and sauces, and being so intrigued, Mike had a look round. He had a bit of the second to hottest sauce they did and after a very confident start, began to feel the heat shortly after and was in need of a drink. After we went off to find him a drink, we returned so he could purchase some hot peanuts to take into work as they enjoy trying new spicy things and challenging one another.

Food Show

Unfortunately, after a couple of hours we decided to head home as there were so many people pushing and shoving to grasp at any available samples. And on top of this, it was super hot inside so we definitely needed some fresh air for a breather. We did contemplate visiting the World of Duty Free while we were there but as that was on the other side of the arena we chose to give it a miss. We finally got home at about 2:30pm, and snuggled down to watch some movies accompanied by a delicious pizza – a perfect end to the weekend together!

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