Being Short Sighted

September 14, 2015Loren

Time for a bit more of a life story here. I have been short sighted for a long as I can remember, I think I got my first pair of classes in Year 4 after I had started to notice I had a real struggle trying to see the board at school and the squinting was really hurting my eyes and causing me to get headaches.

Short sightedness is a result of when you eyeball is developing it grows longer than average so therefore when the light hits the eye it doesn’t reach as far into the eye as it is supposed to, this meaning that the objects that are further away cannot be seen very easily.

Throughout my teenage years I mistreated my eyes by not wearing my glasses and straining my eyes because I felt embarrassed and ugly wearing them out and about and even in school. I would only get them out my bag when my squinting proved inaffective. Me doing this for a numerous amount of years has caused my eyes to worsen so now I have to wear my glasses full time as anything further than arm length is a blur – which really sucks.

Recently I decided to conquer my fears of contact lenses and took myself down to my local Specsavers to go for a check up and have the optician take a look at my eyes to see if I was eligible for contacts. After my testing I was sent onto the next stage of learning how to use the lenses. For them to be able to be confident that you could cope with contact lenses they would need you to put them in and take them out 3 times in a row. With much faffing I managed to do it, I was so embarrassed though because I was so nervous and I was a teary snotty mess which is so unattractive! But I eventually did it and off I went with my new contact lense prescription in hand.

I have been using my lenses since and they have helped with my confidence so much as I don’t feel like I am hiding behind my glasses. I would really recommend to anyone who is struggling with how they feel in their glasses  to try giving contact lenses a go because it is such a good feeling! I know its a scary thought putting something in your eye, trust me I was practising with my parents old ones for years and I could never get it because I kept chickening out and made it into a bigger deal than it was. The staff at my local Specsavers were amazing and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable if I couldn’t do it the first time.

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