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June 9, 2017lorenxalicia

Last Saturday Mike and I decided to take a trip over to Formby and have a wander round. As we were both on holiday this week we decided to make the most of the nice weather and go to the beach. Formby is a National Trust site with multiple walking trails and a beautiful beach. We started the day off by having a light breakfast at home then packing our backpacks full of sandwiches, snacks and water for while we were up there.

It took us roughly 1 hour 45 minutes to get there from where we live which is not bad at all. Once we arrived we spotted an ice cream truck at the entrance to the trails and decided to park up and start our journey there. We both had double bunny ears – which just means that there are two chocolate flakes in there. However, I had strawberry sauce on mine but Mike had his plain – boo!

Then off we went, ice cream in hand, walking through the Red Squirrel trail. There is not a specific way to go round this trail other than trying to stick to the main paths. Although there are so many other tracks spiking off from one another, it can become easy to get lost. The trail itself on the website stated that it should take about 1 hour and we were in there about that long, so I reckon we were on the right track – i think! I’m not much of a walker, but I most definitely enjoyed wandering through the forest and exploring.

Being called the Red Squirrel Trail you’d expect to see at least one squirrel while you were there. However, we did not see any – even though we were walking round slowly and eagle eyes but to no avail there weren’t any squirrels coming to say hello. Although, we did see a lot of little bunny rabbits which were absolutely adorable! There was also quite a few pigeons in the woods, however the bunnies were the main highlight for me. I tried my best to get close to them but they were spooked so easily. However I did managed to get this picture of one of them.

When we part way through the forest trail we stumbled upon an area of fields where there were picnic benches. So we decided to take a quick break and eat the sandwiches we had packed for ourselves. The weather was so beautiful an sunny with a cool breeze. After we had finished stuffing our faces we then carried on the trail and ended up finding our way to the Asparagus Trail although I’m not too sure we fully made it there as we took a detour and walked to the beach instead.

The walk across the beach was so difficult, I was sinking into the sand everytime I moved. It pushed me to the limit, however the views and the beach itself was so worth it. I decided to keep my trainers on for the most of the walk, but the further we got down the beach Mike convinced me to take them off an enjoy the feeling of having the sand between my toes. And it felt so good, although part of the sand was ridged and hard, most of it felt pretty good.

When we reached the sea it was so warm and felt like we were in another country. Its hard for me to believe that a beach this beautiful could be found in the UK. For a few moments I just stood there, with the sea hugging my feet with it’s warmth and looked out and could see the sea stretching for miles upon miles, it felt endless. We then strolled down the waters edge splashing our feet about in the sea, I just didn’t want this time to end!

Alas, the clouds were rolling in and we decided to try and find our way back to the car. After walking around aimlessly we finally made it back and buckled up ready for the journey home.

While we were driving we were both a bit peckish and decided to pop into one of the restaurants on our journey home. After passing a Harvester we both agreed that we should try it as neither of us had ever been to one before. I ordered the BBQ Chicken Stack and my my it was delicious! I enjoyed it that much, I would of probably eaten it all over again.


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