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July 8, 2017lorenxalicia

On the Brum Bloggers Facebook group the other week, I had seen a post about the fact that Birmingham was having a Big Beauty Weekender on the 1st and 2nd July. The tickets were free, so I signed myself up for various masterclasses and eagerly awaited for the time to come round. I booked tickets for the Sunday (2nd) with Dyson in John Lewis and Kat Von D at Debenhams.

I headed for the train at around 10AM and arrived at New Street for 11AM. My first masterclass wasn’t until 12PM at John Lewis, so I had a bit of time to kill. As John Lewis was in New Street station, I spent some time wandering around the other stores in there. I also walked over to Victoria’s Secret in the Bullring to see if I could find any hidden gems in the semi annual sale. I picked up quite a few bits from there which were an absolute bargain!

Alas, the time came for my first masterclass at John Lewis with Dyson. I was one of the first there so I got to pick the best seat and get a few photos taken before the class started. I was offered a glass of sparkling juice and a cupcake which was so generous and tasted delicious.

The talk itself covered 3 styles with each of the nozzles that come with the Dyson Supersonic. This hair dryer shows innovation in the design as it resolves all of the problems faced with ordinary hair dryers. For example, having a considerably smaller, but more powerful motor within the handle of the dryer instead of in the body, allows them to decrease the size of the dryer, making it much lighter. There is also very fine holes where the motor draws the air in from that it is impossible to ger your hair caught in it. As well as this, the supersonic reduces the likelyhood of heat damage to your hair. By heating up to a fraction of your standard hair dryer, which some might think it would take longer to dry, however with the speed of the digital motor it actually dries your hair much quicker with a lower heat.

My next one was at 2PM so there was about an hour to fill up before it started at Debenhams with Kat Von D. So I took the time to browse around TK-Maxx and picked up some super cute stationary.

I got to Debenhams early so I could get a good seat for the masterclass with Kat Von D. The look that the makeup artist was covering was a light eye with green sparkle liner underneath the eye. Every product she was using was also passed around so that we could have a look and a feel upclose. I was mostly impressed by rhe concealer as it was super full coverage and dried nicely when swatched on my hand.

Once the masterclass had finished, I took the time to have a look around the products on offer and decided to pick myself up a Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in their most well known shade – Lolita. I also briefly checked out the concealer, however, I will most definitely be going back to get a colour match for it.

Then the end of the day came and I made my way back to the station full of inspiration and new tricks to try out when I got home. As I was a little early for the train I popped into Starbucks in New Street Station for an iced latte as I was so hot and bothered from walking around all day. So with my coffee in hand, I made my way to the platform and boarded the train home.

This experience was so informative and interesting to watch. From what I overheard, I think this was the first time they had organized a collective beauty event across Birmingham. However, I hope they carry it on to make it a regular thing as I reallt enjoyed myself!

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