10 reasons why you should visit: Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

August 5, 2017lorenxalicia

I have visited the vintage tearoom at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge so many times and I love it there. So I thought what better way to show how in love with it I am than writing a blog post to share this place with you. You can also find out more about them by checking out their page here. So without further ado these are the 10 reasons why you should visit Blithbury Vintage Tearoom.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

1. Tons of delicious treats

Their counter is always full of delicious treats, from cakes to tray bakes, they have got you covered. They also sell a variety of sandwiches and nibbles to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, as well as this they provide a range of gluten free food.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

2. Wide range of drinks

When I go I always opt for a cup of tea or the pink lemonade which is handmade. Although, they have a lot of drinks to offer, they even have freak shakes beyond your imagination. I really want to try the unicorn one one day.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

3. Vintage crockery

Who doesn’t want to feel special by using delicate floral crockery to eat from? They also make perfect accessory to blog photos, trust me, I’ve taken a fair few flat lays of my meals there.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

4. Cute gift ideas

In the entrance to the tearoom there is an area of cute gift ideas for sale, perfect for all occasions. So not only do you get drinks and food, you can also grab a gift for a loved one while you are there. Most of the gifts there are handmade which makes them special and unique.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

5. Unique decor

There are unique pieces on the walls of the tearoom which you are also able to purchase. Having them displayed on the walls gives you the idea of what it would look like in your own home. As well as this they have pom poms and reindeer horns for that added vintage chalet theme.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

6. Reindeers

The vintage tearoom is situated within the Blithbury Reindeer Lodge, which is home to…yes you guessed it – Reindeers! You can catch a glimpse of them out in the fields or in their shelters. They even host events such as meet the babies and Christmas experiences. To find out more about the lodge itself you can check out the website for it here.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

7. Festive

Linking to the reindeers, the lodge and tearoom have a festive feel. Especially with the décor outside with signs such as ‘Elves Workshop’ and a decorative sleigh. It feels like everyday of the year is Christmas. Which for someone like me who loves that time of the year, is the perfect place to be. Also, in the better weather they have picnic benches outside for customers to sit on and enjoy the sunshine.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

8. Family friendly

There are small and large tables which make it the ideal place to go with your family as you would all be able to sit around a table together. They also do offer afternoon tea bookings so you can be guaranteed a table as its so well loved, it is always full of customers. You can also arrange group bookings in advance as well as afternoon tea to ensure that everyone will get a seat.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

9. Lovely staff

The staff are so friendly and welcoming, so much so you feel like a part of a family as soon as you step in the door. They are also so accommodating, for example if you want to order something, as they make it there and then for you they are able to customize it for you.

Blithbury Vintage Tearoom

10. Accessible

There is a ramp which leads into the lodge so that it is easily accessible for those who have pushchairs or who are disabled. Making this tearoom the best place for everyone to visit.

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