British Style Collective Liverpool 2017

July 15, 2017lorenxalicia

This year the Clothes Show that normally takes place in Birmingham in December, was re branded as British Style Collective and took place in the summertime. Along with moving to it’s new home in Liverpool, the BSC was spread across 4 venues making it a city wide takeover. Venues such as the ACC, Exhibition Centre, St Georges Hall and Albert Dock hosted a wide variety of fashion related activities. As I had visited the Clothes Show for the past few years, I was intrigued to see what the new venues had to offer.

On Saturday 8th July, I boarded my train to Liverpool Lime Street full of excitement for what was in store. I vaguely had an idea of what direction I had to walk in to get to the ACC and Exhibition Centre. On my walk there I discovered a really cute looking road where there were multi-coloured umbrellas hanging above. Because it looked so nice, I couldn’t help myself but to take a photo of them.

Also on my adventure there I spotted a set of mirrors with the British Style Collective branding on it. There were quite a few in a row and each one was surrounded by lights like you imagine movie stars to have. As they looked so cool and I believe that they were made for photos, I took an outfit photo in the mirror. This is something I have never really wanted to do in public, but I did it, I mean yeah you can’t see my face and it was a really rushed photo but I still took a photo of myself in public by myself.

And after getting a little lost and having to use the sat-nav on my phone, I finally found my way to the docks where the centres were. Obviously I took the obligatory touristy photographs while I was there of the Liverpool Eye and the Albert Docks.

I decided to only go to the shopping malls and the fashion show as I also wanted to pop into the Liverpool One while I was there before I left. Firstly, I went to the shopping malls as the show I was attending was at 2PM. I was rather disappointed by the lack of brands on offer compared to how much there was at Birmingham, it just seemed a lot smaller. Two of the brands I usually look forward to seeing there was Barry M and Models Own which I noticed were not there, however there were brands like Pixi Beauty in its place. I even clocked a Victoria’s Secret stall offering £10 off a bra if you tried one on, however I didn’t take advantage of this while I was there, as I was heading to the shop in Liverpool One to see what goodies they had in the semi annual sale.

Even though I was not too impressed by the shopping malls, I still picked up a new set of brushes from Spectrum which I always do when I go to the show. And I also made it in time to grab a goodie bag from Mark Hill which was £40 worth of products for £20.

After this I made my way to the arena to watch the fashion show. The show itself did not disappoint, I love the shows, the mixture of dance, fashion and catchy tunes make it fabulous. In one of the segments it was a circus theme and in the middle of it a lady popped out of a box like a doll then started to perform acrobatic tricks which were amazing. There was even a hoop suspended from the ceiling which she was flying from and making it look so easy. I was just sat there in awe at the skill it took for her to do that. I will insert below some photos that I took from the fashion show.

Once the show had finished I decided to take myself to get some food as I was so hungry. However, I wandered through Liverpool One on the way there to have a browse. I had a look in Victoria’s Secret and picked up a few things in the sale. Don’t you just love it when you go to the checkout and your basket is a lot cheaper than you thought it was? This happened to me, one of the bra’s I picked up was labelled as £16 but actually turned out to be half price which was a bargain. I also picked up a night dress, joggers, a couple pair of pants and a bra. Coming to just over £30 all together I was pleasantly surprised. As normally you would pay that for just one full price item there.

The day before on twitter I had asked if any one had suggestions on places for me to go while I was there. And it was suggested that I go to Moose Coffee on Dale Street. Therefore I powered up the sat nav on my phone and made my way to the coffee shop. I have always dreaded the day that I sat alone at a restaurant, but for some reason my need for food overcame my fear of being alone. And I was already running on the adrenaline of being in a city by myself. I was greeted at the door by a lovely server who happily seated me at a table enough for one. My recommendation was to try the pancakes here, so I ordered the pancakes with bacon and a latte. When the waitress came over with them I was amazed, the latte had a super cute heart design on the top and the pancakes looked yummy. And may I say, that that was the most delicious meal I have had, the bacon was perfectly crispy, the pancakes were so soft and fluffy and the maple syrup was nice and sweet. However, three pancakes were too much for me so the waitress suggested that I take them home with me, to which I excitedly answered YES! Why wouldn’t I want to share their fluffiness with Mike when I got home!?

The décor in Moose Coffee was so cozy and nice with a mixture of wooden and leather seats. On the walls they had portraits of Moose’s looking human like and light fixtures surrounded by antlers.

So after I stuffed my face I made my way to Lime Street station and boarded the train home. Overall I enjoyed the experience of being in Liverpool, and for what the shopping malls lacked, the city made up for with it surroundings and shopping center. I would most definitely consider going to the show again next year.

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