Chance Taking – Starting a New Skating Class

February 1, 2015Loren

I am not one for stepping far out of my comfort zone and taking a chance, but as I enjoy my ice skating lessons one on one with my coach, I thought that I wanted to do more with what I was being taught. However, the thought of enrolling in a group session scared me, but I thought to myself that it might be worth it. As I wanted to meet new people with similar interest and have fun and experiment with moves that I have learnt.

In the end I took the chance and texted my coach Clare to see if there were any kind of groups or clubs I could join to do with Ice Skating that might be worth looking into. She suggested a group class that is held on a Wednesday night for an hour which covers Ice Dance and Synchronization. As it was my coach’s session that coming Wednesday covering Synchronization I decided to bite the bullet and go along to it. Believe me, I was having a mini panic attack in my head about going to it when the time came but I sucked it up and beat them negative voices in my head.

I made use of the journey to the rink by playing some of my old favourite songs and jamming along to them in the car singing at the top of my voice. But when I eventually got there I was quite early so the class hadn’t started yet as there were still public skaters on the ice. This gave me chance to relax and flash the odd smile to people coming into the rink who had already attended the lessons.

When we went on the ice it was so smooth, which is something I am not used to as I usually go on with my coach in between public sessions so the ice is pretty churned up. But before this lesson the Zamboni went out and smoothed everything up. Which was amazing, I found that I was gliding easier, however I found it that much harder to stop – as I just tend to wait for the momentum to run out.

I spoke to some of the girls and ladies there and they seemed so nice and helped me out when it came to the group moves which I have never done before which put my mind at rest. As if the ‘ice’ wasn’t broken I would of felt much more insecure when in the middle of the group skating in 4 lines I took a tumble and knocked over the girl that I was holding shoulders with! But at least I wasn’t the only one to take a fall in the lesson, which made me feel a bit better in myself.

But when I think about it, if I didn’t take to chance and go to the group lesson I wouldn’t of enjoyed it and experienced a different kind of skating and socialize with others. And I certainly wouldn’t then contemplate going the following week and continuing in the sessions with the skaters.

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