How Things Have Changed Since High School

June 22, 2018lorenxalicia

Photos from my High School leavers and prom popped up on my Facebook memories the other day. And after coming to terms with the fact that I officially left 7 years ago I thought I would write a post recapping the last few weeks of school along with how things are now. This seemed to me like a good idea to have a throwback and also share some rather embarrassing old photographs of myself.

Some of you reading this may already be in the process of taking their year 11 exams, left a few years ago or are still at school. So this could be an interesting read for you all.

First off, let’s talk about friendships. When it was coming to the end of High School I had a tight nit group of friends and a few I associated with in various classes. My friendship group was a good mixture of personality and interests, which meant that we could easily hang out as a bigger group or a smaller one depending on what we were doing. There were six of us in total, which meant that no one ever felt left out if for any reason school projects meant we needed to go in pairs.

high school

(Unfortunately, one of us is missing here – typical!)

Within our group I felt like I could turn to any one of them if I had a problem and they would be there to support me, and I would do the same for them. When you are at school you feel like your friendships are unbreakable, however you find once you have left school and everyone has gone off in their own direction, that you kind of drift apart. I stayed in touch with a few girls from the group, however I haven’t seen or spoken to any of them in at least 2 years I think? Which is kind of sad if you think about it, but I guess everyone moves on in life, circumstances change, relationships evolve and careers can take you different places. And I wish them all the best for their future and where they are now. As well as thank them for the friendship and happy memories they gave me over the years.

high school

Now less about the reflective emotional subject, and onto the old cringey high school photos. During the last year of school I decided it would be a fantastic idea to take my hair darker. Initially I went brown but it ended up sending me slightly green which meant we just kept taking it darker until it was almost black. I was going through my ’emo’ stage which made me justify this sudden colour change. Personally, looking back I think the black was way too severe for my skin and I would of much preferred a darker blonde like the ashy tones I am trying to achieve now.

high school

One thing that makes me laugh looking back at old photographs from my prom, is the fact that I look like a completely different person. A few weeks before prom I had managed to get a cracking t-shirt tan, which meant that you were going to see it when I wore my dress. So we tried to use fake tan, and a lot at that, to try and cover it up. However, it was inevitable – you were going to see these tans lines. But to me, now looking at this picture, I kind of remind myself of a Gypsy from the TV shows! I also had hair extensions in which is why my hair looks so long compared to the image previously.

Here is just another little bonus for you all, I managed to find a couple pictures which were taken when I first when up to high school!

high school

When it comes to seeing how things have changed on a personal level since high school, I would like to think I have grown as a person. I can still be awkward in social situations just like back in school when a teacher would ask me a question and I just sat there silently hoping the ground would swallow me up. But I find I engage in conversations more with strangers that I would of before.

Throughout the 7 years since I officially left, I tried 6th form for a year before I decided to switch to an apprenticeship. From here I was taken on in my role as IT Support and worked there for 5 years, becoming the most senior first line member. However, at this point mentally I was drained and was not coping well in the place I was in. So I decided to expand my blogging skills further and apply for another position. Here is where I got the job where I am currently, which I love and it is such a better environment for me compared to how things were going previously. I would say this is one of my biggest achievements over the seven years, which was so scary to think about doing at the time but I did it nonetheless.

Outside of education and work I had then fell for Mike who I am with now and love ever so much. In 2015 he proposed to me in our house which was super special and we are planning our wedding in the coming years which is rather exciting. Since we have been together we have only spent probably about 7 nights apart which was when we were first dating 4 years ago. And I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

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