Christmas Lights

November 22, 2015Loren

For as long as I remember I have attended every one of the Christmas Light Switch On events in my home town. For me, the lights being switched on really makes the festive mood set in, all the twinkly lights, the carol singing and the fireworks make the atmosphere so amazing. Every year they have the band from the latest pantomime in our theatre to perform some of the songs from the show, which usually ends up being some kind of fairy tale with a ton of jazz songs. But this year we also had a Queen tribute act on stage. This year the pantomime show was jack and the beanstalk and we had the local army switch on the lights along with Santa Clause and the Major. The best part of the light switch on was the fact that there were people dressed as the Star Wars characters taking pictures with people. And I stepped out of my comfort zone and had a photo with my boo, Darth Vader and Chewbacca. We tried to recruit the Stormtrooper for the picture but he wandered off to another group of people.

Earlier on in the day when I went skating (and absolutely owned it if I may say so myself) we went to B&M near there and picked up some super cute onesies and matching slippers. I went for a red and white Reindeer onesie with Reindeer slippers which have bells on them! Mike went for a Superman onesie and Superman slippers. Once the light switch on was complete we went home and got into these and enjoyed a few games together on the Xbox and then watched Aladdin on Netflix. I even fell asleep during the film, I have a tendancy to fall asleep when watching a film at night because I get so cozy!

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