Comfort Zones – Stepping Outside my Bubble

January 18, 2015Loren

I found this quote on Pinterest and it is so true. My goals are to at least do one thing a day/week that takes me out of my comfort zone. As I am quite set in my ways I need to let go and experience different things, even if it is going to a different supermarket one day or going a slightly different way home from work. Its true that great things happen when you don’t close yourself down to only what you know.

Take me and food for example, this has been a life long battle since having a terrible flu when I was a toddler I never really enjoyed my food, meals I used to love I’d avoid and it would make me feel sick. Due to this I was stuck in a battered chicken, chips, crisps and chocolate diet for well over a decade because that it was I knew I liked and stuck with it. Ask my family, the amount of times I tried to slightly step out of that comfort zone and the slightest change in texture or taste made me even more certain that I should stick to what I know.

Only in recent months have I thrown myself out of this comfort food zone thanks to the help of my amazing boyfriend. So far in the space of  6 months I have tried and discovered a new love for: Beef, Pork, Sausage, Mushrooms, Pasta, Spaghetti Bolognese, Meatballs, Scrambled Egg, French Toast, Custard and many many more delicious foods, which probably most of you have been eating for years.

The remaining comfort zones food wise for me are the fact that I  can’t stand cheese, this has been such a struggle when trying to eat out with friends, especially when the choose to go to an Italian or order pizza. The fact I do not like having milk on my cereal, I always tend to have a glass of milk with my cereal as I am adamant that having milk on it would make it soggy. Finally, fruit. I have never really taken to fruit as I am not too keen on the ‘exploding’ texture of the water within fruits. However, I have tried melon and pear which are alright I guess!

I intend on continuing with stepping out of my comfort zone as it has proven to help me greatly, food wise and also in a social aspect. Last minute meet ups or trips to the pub after work aren’t something to panic about at such short notice. In fact, most spontaneous ideas turn out to the most fun.

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