Cookies and Cream Cake Fail

July 16, 2015Loren
I purchased this delicious looking packet mix from Asda the other week and decided to give it a go the other day, it turned out okay but with a little bit of a fail with the icing.

 I mixed the bag of dry ingredients together with 1 egg and 4 tbsp of water to make this yummy looking mix which just about filled the 6 provided cases.

After about 12 minutes I removed them from the oven and luckily they had rose so they filled out the cases properly.

I prepared the frosting mixture as it said to do so on the box but I couldn’t get over the fact how bright yellow the icing was compared to the nice white colour on the box. Instead of cutting the cakes in half and smearing the mixture in there too like the box suggested I just used my piping bag and large nossle so swirl the icing on top of the cakes.
Look how bright yellow the icing is! :O

I topped the cakes with the provided cookie bits. Despite the garish yellow icing the cakes were actually delicious! Maybe next time I need to use a different type of butter with the mixture? Any suggestions to stop this going bright yellow are welcome!

Loren x

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