Curve Fashion Festival In Liverpool

September 16, 2017lorenxalicia

Last weekend my friend and I traveled to Liverpool for the Curve Fashion Festival. Neither of us had been there before and with us both being lovers of the Clothes Show we decided to check out this one. Both of us are in the mid range between high street stores and plus size shops, so were intrigued at the concept of a fashion show catered for the average woman.

We started our day off with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte at Starbucks then made our way to the platform. There were a rather large amount of football fans on the train that day, so we figured something was going on at Anfield. After about 55 minutes on the train we finally arrived. Unfortunately it was raining a little bit so I dug my umbrella out – although that didn’t last very long before going inside out!

Curve Liverpool

When we reached the venue we were both give wristbands that allowed us to come and go at any point which was handy. There were so many stalls there and quite a few of them were well known stores and some I hadn’t come across before. On some of the areas there were meet and greets scheduled with the likes of Gemma Collins, Tess Holiday and Charlotte Crosby – however we didn’t partake in any of those. Although we did get a glimpse of Gemma and Tess while we were looking through the stalls.

After having a quick browse we were drawn to a fashion show starting in the corner of the hall. A wide range of brands were showcased using a variety of models – which was very refreshing to see. There were even some male models..bonus! In between dancing to the great songs they were playing, we were frequently snapping photos and discussing how much we were lusting after the clothes on show. Here are some of the looks I loved from the show.

Curve Liverpool

Curve Liverpool

Curve Liverpool

Curve Liverpool

Curve Liverpool

Once the show was over we had another look round the stalls and came across some gorgeous jackets! After much hunting we didn’t actually end up buying anything which was a bit of disappointment. So off into the Liverpool ONE we went in search for food and clothes.

We decided to have dinner in Pizza Hut and it was delicious! I was on a hunt for some high quality basic tops so had a nose in Zara. However, the ones I came across that I had looked at online were a little bit too sheer for my liking. So that hunt ended rather quickly and we carried on to Primark. Trust me to always find something to buy in there! I came out with a super cute top which I will insert a photo of below, a jumper and some lipsticks which I am going to review.

As well as this we also went into Lindt. Yes. They have a lindt store! I was blown away by the selection on offer. You could even get a pick a mix, but for £2.95 per 100g, I wasn’t going to delve into that head first. I decided on three chocolate bars for me and Mike to try. Although, I did really want to try the hazlenut spread and the hot choco powder!

Curve Liverpool

After stopping off at Superdrug and Yours on the way to the station, we made our way home after a long day walking round and having a good catch up. For the price, I would definitely recommend the event to others, as we paid £25 for a two ticket offer and it worked out at about £12.50 each which is not bad at all. So it is definitely price friendly. Also as an added bonus the cash machine at the venue was free which was so convenient as the ones in places I have been previously charged you £2.50 per withdrawal.

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