Affordable on trend denim jacket

May 19, 2017lorenxalicia

I have seen a lot of embroidery designs on clothes this season and I have been after a denim jacket for a while now for the spring/summer, however most jackets I see are quite expensive. Therefore I thought I would have a scroll through ebay for a good deal on a denim jacket and customize my own with embroidery patches. That way the look and placement of the designs are my choice and no one will have an identical one.

Once my denim jacket from ebay arrived, I then began to purchase patches  to put onto the jacket. I was searching for iron on, sew on and stick on patches to get a wide variety. I purchased the rose sew on patches from a seller on ebay and the other patches pictured above were from HobbyCraft. I even dug out my emergency sewing kit for this as I very rarely need a needle and thread. However, after this I may invest in some more as I used quite a lot of the different colour threads to sew on all the patches. I ended up using a mixture of black, white, cream, red, green and even a bit of brown. Which means that the inside of my jacket looks rather colourful!

Once I had got all the materials I needed, I began to run through some YouTube videos on how to sew patches onto clothes. I probably could of winged it, but I’d rather know roughly how to do it before hand so that I didn’t make any silly mistakes as I had a very limited amount of thread.

In the end I only applied the rose patches and the two birds. I did have quite a few more, but I felt like adding them onto the jacket would over do it a bit. So I have put them to one side in case I have another burst of creativity and want to customize something else further down the line.

For the sewing part of it, I did a basic running stitch. Unfortunately I did not have any photos of this process, as I was watching 13 Reasons Why during it – I got rather distracted. Luckily the birds were just stick on patches so I did not have to sew them on, however I am not 100% sure how long they will stay on the jacket for as they are not attached securely.


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