How I lost 4lbs in 2 weeks with Cute Nutrition TeaTox

January 18, 2017Loren
Cute Nutrition TeaTox

I purchased the 14 day Cute Nutrition TeaTox at the beginning of the month as I saw it on offer on Amazon for £10.99 when it normally retails at £14.99 which is nice saving. As I have now come to the end of my 14 day teatox I thought I would share with you how I got on with it.

I weighed myself before using the tea and I was 15st 4 1/2 and I didn’t feel 100% myself. I felt bloated and huge to say the least. Which is what convinced me to try the Teatox as it advertised that it reduces bloating and promotes weightloss. But unlike the other TeaTox’s on the market, this one is 100% organic and does not contain any laxatives which was an added bonus.

At the beginning of my TeaTox I used to drink my tea in the morning, but after the first few days I started to drink it in the evening. I love how this tea can be consumed at anytime during the day so you aren’t fixed to a regiment of morning, night or even a specific time before or after eating. So I found this really convenient for me, that I could have it whenever.

During the first few days I noticed a huge difference, I felt a lot less bloated and happier with my appearance, also feeling pretty good on the inside too. The toilet trips themselves were very minimal the first couple of days and after that were very rare. Which is probably down to the tea not containing laxatives which I was very grateful for – I didn’t want to be running to the loo every few minutes – especially at work and in public!

The taste of the tea itself is not too bad at all, it almost has a refreshing minty taste which is delicious. And as it tasted nice, it didn’t feel like that much of a chore to make sure that I drank it all and continued to drink it everyday over the 14 days.

Diet wise with the teatox I cut out junk food and tried my best to maintain drinking 2/3 pints of water a day. My main meal that I was obsessed with was Egg Noodles with chicken stock, mushrooms and onions. I also had meals such as spaghetti bolognaise, chicken and rice, sausages and mash etc. I also made an effort to cut out bread which was quite challenging but I found that I was getting full on a decent meal during the day rather than feeling bloated by bread. Even when I went out for dinner with my fiance we started to look at the calories of meals, when finding that our usual meals were over 1,000 calories it really shocked us, so we went for the better options of 500 calories or less.

Exercise wise I did very little, the odd walks on my lunch break work and around 20 minutes spinning around on my skating spinner was about it as far as exercises for me, so I didn’t go crazy. But I can imagine that you’d probably see much better results than me if you were a regular exerciser.

Now at the end of my teatox I definitely feel in myself a lot better and I feel like I have lost a bit of weight in the process, whether that be water weight or actually weight I don’t mind. So I weighed myself at the end of my teatox and I was 14st 13 1/4 so over the two weeks I had a total loss of around 4lbs!

Cute Nutrition TeaTox
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