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September 28, 2016Loren
Over the past couple weeks I have felt that my hair needed a bit of a refresh. It has been a while since I had dyed my hair and I fancied a change, looking at my roots coming through made me think. Do I keep pursuing the fight to get white blonde hair or try and dye my hair to match my roots, making it look more natural. As autumn is on the way,  I thought I might try going back to a natural colour instead of the yellow tones I had. Also, may I add that none of these images have been edited or had any filters applied so that I can show you the true results of this colour change.


Ignore the bad angle, but look at how nasty my roots started to look, So on Sunday I took the bull by the horns and went for a look round the shops in town to find a shade of hair dye to match my roots nicely.
This is when I came across this Dark Cool Blonde shade in Superdrug and fell in love with the example results for my hair colour. I could see that a lot of the dark blonde colours seemed to look very orange toned and my worst fear was to end up going ginger again. Which is something I don’t want to re-live.
The above is the colour examples from the box itself.
This is how the dye looked on my hair when it was first applied, it started to look darker from the get go which was a plus! I left this on for 25 minutes as instructed in the instructions and then washed it out in the shower. This itself was a strange experience as the hair dye contained purple pigments to get that ‘cool’ tone, therefore I was surrounded by purple water at my feet. They use purple pigment to combat brassy yellow tones as purple is opposite to orange on the colour wheel therefore neutralizes it.


And tad-ah! This is the finished colour and I am so in love! I have 100% discovered my new go-to colour, so much so I am looking at repurchasing this colour soon to keep it topped up.


Just as a reference, here is a side by side of the before and after. Look how much more natural my hair looks after! I couldn’t of found a better shade to match my roots and even my eyebrows.


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