Favourite Fashion Purchases – February

March 1, 2018lorenxalicia

After my wardrobe overhaul earlier this month (which you can read about here), I wanted to focus more on fashion and clothes as well as makeup on my blog. And since the big sort out I started to experiment with outfits and try to discover my personal style and adapt my wardrobe to a point where picking what to wear wasn’t such a chore.

On my journey to uncovering my style, I was finding that there were certain pieces I was missing such as accessories and shoes. Due to this, I have since started a list on my phone of items I would like to purchase over the next few months to expand my wardrobe. In terms of what I want my look to be, I want to focus on a mixture of classic and feminine outfits as well as the odd edgy street vibe as I like to mix it up.

fashion favourites

And to start me off with building the perfect closet, I decided to pick up a few essentials in the sales. I was in desperate need of some ankle boots as I didn’t have any everyday ones, I have two pairs which I rarely use a the thought of walking in their super high heels makes me queasy. Therefore, I was after smaller heeled boots which I could use on a day to day basis.

I bought both of the boots pictured above from Dorothy Perkins and you can find them here and here. I cannot stress how difficult I found getting my hands on a pair of leather look black ankle boots for under £20 was! And when I saw these in the sale I could not resist, as black is timeless and will got with pretty much any outfit. When I was browsing through the shoes online I also found these gorgeous light brown faux suede boots and the bow detail is so gorgeous and feminine. I can definitely see me wearing these boots throughout the rest of the winter and into the spring as they are so classy and were an absolute bargain!

I’m sure you have all seen how well Primark is doing at the moment when it comes to producing designer dupes at a mind blowing fraction of the price. All over Instagram I had seen their take on the Gucci belt and I wanted to get my hands on it as I am forever needing a belt but whenever I go shopping I don’t seem to pick one up. In my local store they did not have the gold larger style, however, they did have this beautiful – almost pearl like smaller one which I fell in love with. And at only £3 it was a steal and would make the perfect addition to my outfits.

Along side this, I had seen a few bloggers mention that they were starting to stock a bag similar to the Chloe bracelet bag. When I took a trip to Primark I highly doubted that they would have such a high in demand item on the rails, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they not only had the red one but also a black patent one! With this bag you can either hold it by the circular handle or use the strap provided so it is a versatile accessory to have. When I got to the checkout the assistant even commented on how popular the red ones had been since they had stocked them, and didn’t even realize there was a black one too. At £8 this is another bargain I could not walk away from and I can definitely see me using as I have a larger black Michael Kors bag but sometimes you just need something a big smaller if you are going out.




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