Favourite products I have used in April

April 28, 2017lorenxalicia

I was looking through my old posts the other day for inspiration as I have been struggling recently to put together a lot of blog posts. And those I have started, I never finished.  I came across monthly favourites, and safe to say I noticed that I hadn’t wrote one of them in quite some time – so here it goes!

Beauty wise, there have been a fair few products I have really enjoyed using on a daily basis. Some being new products that I had purchased during the month and some I would class as my holy grail items – but I’ll leave that for another post.

  • Loreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation – I had been toying with the idea of trying this foundation since it had come on the market. And one day, I bit the bullet and purchased it, and I have not looked back since! New foundations are always hit and miss for me as its never really the right shade or the coverage is not up to par. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this little one. It claims to be full coverage and weightless and it actually does what it says on the tin!
  • Rimmel Insta Fix and Go – With my skating competition coming up and it reaching summer time, I was after a makeup setting spray/light weight primer that would help me in both aspects. And I discovered that Rimmel has a 2 in 1 product which does exactly that. It is a lightweight spray which can be used as a primer before your foundation or over the top of your makeup to keep it in place all day. I love how this spray even has a slight scent of watermelon which makes it feel all so more refreshing.
  • Polka Body Spray – While I was in Primark at the beginning of the month I noticed that they had a display of perfumes and body sprays. A lot of these looked like dupes for other high end perfumes which really intrigued me. That is when I spotted this one called Polka, which I believe is supposed to be a take on a Marc Jacobs perfume. However, I picked up the body spray of this to try out and I would definitely be on the look out for the perfume version of this to use as it smells so good.  I also recall that they do a perfume called French Kiss which looks a lot like the Victoria Secret Tease perfume which I would be interested in trying out also.
  • Soap and Glory Super Cat Liner – This has been a monthly favourite of mine for quite some time. I have recently repurchased this as my old one was on its last legs, which shows how much I enjoyed using this eyeliner. I find this pen easy maneuver and glides on nicely and any other eyeliner I have tried out does not compare to this one which is why its still a solid favourite of mine and has reach holy grail status within my makeup drawer.
  • Rimmel Magnif’eyes Palette (01 Keep Calm and Wear Gold) – I purchased this palette to try when I purchased the setting spray as it was on offer and I have been after a travel size palette for when I am out and about. As I usually use by Violet Voss Laura Lee Palette, I needed something a bit smaller to throw in my makeup bag for when I go away or when I am getting ready to go to skating after work. The shades in this palette are neutral with a few shimmers and the pigment of them is really surprising. They stand out and blend together so nicely and I can definitely see myself using this palette over and over again.

And so that concludes my beauty favourites of this post so lets move on to the last item you can see pictured above. I have always been skeptical of sports bras and I was unaware of the type of coverage and support they would provide. And I also stayed away because I didn’t class myself as sporty enough to need one as I wasn’t a regular gym goer or did a lot of running or intense sports. But then I thought to myself that even though its not a typical sport, I do take part in figure skating, which requires a lot of strength, agility and balance when running programmes. As a skater speed is key to a certain few moves, and especially jumps and spins. And I had noticed that I was constantly having to faff around with my straps falling down and never sitting right during my practice, which is not that flattering of looks. Therefore I decided to purchase myself some sports bras so I could focus more on my power in my routine rather than making sure I was all tucked in. I can safely say I was wrong to ever doubt the power of a sports bra, they are the most comfortable of bras and I definitely prefer the feel of them over regular bras. Is it that I am getting older and preferring comfort over style? Because I want to wear these bad boys everyday! So I may look into bralettes instead and see what they have to offer as an everyday substitute.

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