Favourite Tree Decorations

December 6, 2017lorenxalicia

Since moving out almost three years ago now, we have begun to acquire quite the collection of tree decorations. Most of them have been collected from places like Tesco, Asda and TKMaxx, we even have a couple we have made as well.I definitely see our variety of tree decs growing more and more each year as I keep coming across so many cute ones in the shops. Also, a fun tradition my parents and I used to do, was to write our name on baubles in marker along with the date of that year. I believe we even had some my grandparents wrote on too! I would love to have a look through them all and see how far back they actually go, as I remember doing them every year! So lets get onto my favourite tree decorations we have on our tree at home.


Firstly, I adore the matching L and M glitter letters I got from Matalan. When I purchased these I was so excited to find both of our initials, but I could only find an M so I walked away from the stand disheartened, and on the way out I spotted a lone L someone had discarded on their trip to their till. So in all excitement I grabbed it and ran back to the stand to pick up an M and headed to the checkout. It was meant to be.


Next, is the baubles we decorated ourselves. My mum bought us a set of two ceramic decorations and leant us her supply of glitter glue, pens and all the crafty goodness you can think of! I chose to stick to doodling a couple of designs onto it and Mike changed his mind a few times while making it, and ended up covering it in glitter glue. And as he used so much, it took forever to dry.


I also love the pink pair of glass ice skate decorations I picked up from TKMaxx last year. I was rummaging through all their pretty Christmas bits and hidden right at the back under loads of other boxes, was this one set of pink skates. Perfect in every way, I HAD to have them, and with them being the only ones there, I took that as a sign that they needed to come home with me. They live in their own little box with all of our Xmas decorations as I am super frightened that they will break, being glass and all.



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