Festive Pottery Painting

December 11, 2017lorenxalicia

Something that is good to do if you are more of the creative type, you can take a trip to a pottery cafe where you can paint your own mugs and ornaments. The other month my mum and I visited Pretty Pots and we decorated some pretty ornaments together. How the cafe works is, you pay for the piece you want to paint, and on top of that there is a £3.50 studio charge which includes all of your supplies. We chose to use acrylic paints so that we could take our goodies home with us the same day instead of having to wait for them to be fired. My mum chose a tree house tea light holder and I chose a penguin ornament which spelled out the word ‘Chill’.

Festive Pottery Painting

Also, as the studio doubles as a cafe, you can also order a selection of delicious cakes and warm drinks to enjoy while you are painting away. I was over the moon at this, as they were selling a pumpkin spice latte, and you know I love me some festive spiced drinks.

Festive Pottery Painting

I liked how the owner was on hand to assist you with any advice you needed when decorating your piece as well as guiding you through it. As I am the kind of person that enjoys having a bit of direction, I found it so helpful that she was easily approachable and helped you brainstorm a variety of colour options and ideas. For my ornament I started off with a white base and added my colours onto that. Whereas for my mum, she was advised to start off with an all over black base and then build the brown and green up onto that. Lets just say hers looked a bit creepy to start off with but in the end it looked amazing!

Festive Pottery Painting

Festive Pottery Painting

Before we knew it the time had completely flown by, and three hours later had passed when we finally decided we had put the finishing touches to our pieces. I found that the more I was looking at it, the more I wanted to add to it, and I didn’t want to get too carried away, so as soon as I was satisfied I cleaned my paint brushes up. And after all that work, if I do say so myself, my mum and I did a pretty fab job!

Festive Pottery Painting Festive Pottery Painting

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