First Day Of Blogmas

December 1, 2017lorenxalicia


I have always loved the build up to Christmas as much as the day itself, and not just because it is also my birthday. Its the time of year which really gives me that little warm feeling inside. Whether you are taking part in festive activities, spending time with loved ones or helping those less fortunate, there is just something about the season that brings people together. And if you enjoy this season too, you will definitely look forward to reading my daily posts.

Which brings me on to this, I was brainstorming over the autumn what posts I could put together for Christmas time. And due to the sheer amount of ideas I had, I decided that instead of whittling them down to one a week, why not share with you all as much as I could? From that moment I began planning out Blogmas. For those who aren’t familiar with this, Blogmas is a challenge where you post every single day up until the 25th December. Kind of like a blogging advent calendar in a sense.

As a start to this challenge, I thought I would make my first post an introduction to the articles to come, instead of jumping right in and catching you all off guard. By reading the remaining 24 posts you will join me on the countdown to the magical day. Discover products I own and love as well as have a look into what events I attended on the run up to the 25th. Finishing on a high note of a what I got for Christmas/Birthday there will be a ton of posts for you all to sink your teeth into.

This is my first year doing this, and if you want me to complete this again next year, please let me know and I will be sure to do so! Catch you tomorrow in day 2 of Blogmas.

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