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Halloween Baking

For work, me and my colleague decided to make Halloween themed cupcakes like last year. But this time I decided to take a different approach to my cakes. And by a different approach I mean not making the decorations for my cakes this time because of last years, where a bone didn’t look like a bone – awks.

So carry on reading if you want to know how I made these beauties!

So first, I gathered the ingredients together. I used two Tesco Sponge Cake Packet Mixes as I was making a batch for home and a batch for work and to go with the packet mixes I have 2 eggs and red and purple food colouring. I also have some halloween themed cases as well as the Dr Oetker Cupcake Centres in Chocolate and Caramel. And for the toppings I have the stripes chocolate and vanilla icing and some halloween sprinkles.

To start off with I made the packet mix by adding 1 egg to the mixture and 5 tablespoons of water

I then added Red food colouring to the mixture

Then using my American Originals Cupcake Maker I added cupcake cases to it and spooned the mixture in.

I left the cakes in there for 10 minutes and removed them

When they had cooled slightly I added the Cupcake Centers, I am using Caramel for these

Then using the Two Colour Stripes Cupcake Frosting in Chocoholic Vanilla I swirled this on top of the cupcakes

I finally then added my sprinkles on top

I then repeated the above process to make purple cupcakes this time.

And added the chocolate Cupcake Center this time.

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