Hayfever Survival Kit – Getting Through Summer

June 18, 2015Loren

As the lovely hayfever season is upon us I thought I’d share with you some things I use to help me survive through this time of the year. As trust me, hayfever is the nastiest thing to have, itchy sore red puffy eyes, constantly snotty and that’s the most common side affects. I find sometimes I end up getting nose bleeds after a night of sniffing and sneezing. So here are my top tips on what I do to help ease this experience.

First off I start taking my hayfever tablets as soon as the weather starts to brighten to build up the fight against hayfever. I tend to take tablets with Cetrizine Hydrochloride in as I find these suit me better than the Loratide. I’m not too sure what the difference between these are, its just when I went to the doctors when I was younger I was prescribed the Cetrizine and that is what I tend to stick to, I have used Loratide a few times but didn’t find it as effective. So may be worth trying out them to see which you feel more benefits from, but obviously don’t take both in one go.

I also suffer badly with my eyes, for this I usually use an Optrex Eye Spray for Itch and Watery Eyes as I can’t seem to get the hang of using drops, however now I use contacts I may be alright with it now, who knows. The Optrex Eye Spray is a little pricey but I have found cheaper alternatives for it in local supermarkets for the fraction of the price. Also for my eyes if I’m at work I pop one of the eye masks you pop in the fridge to rest on my eyes to cool them as this is easier then bringing a wet flannel in and trying to do it that way. Its such a weird sensation but it does help to cool down the eyes.

I also have found in recent years that nasal sprays help with keeping things under control. The one I use is Prevalin Allergy. This is a reasonably price spray which comes out more like a white cream when inserted into the nose. I believe there are other kinds of nose sprays out there but this is the only one I have tried so far. See this review of the Pirinase nose spray here.

I don’t know if this helps but I find having a fan on or AC to cool down instead of opening a window helpful as this doesn’t let the pollen in to affect you. Also. Number one tip and I know its hard. Try not to rub your eyes. I know it may feel good at the time but you will regret it because they only get more itchy and be really painful.

Hope this helped suggest some things to try if you too are a fellow hayfever suffer like myself.

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