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Best Homemade Frappe

One of my favourite things about the summertime is that its finally the weather to enjoy a frappe without freezing your insides! Want to know how I made the beauty above? Keep reading!


What you will need:
  • Cooled Coffee
  • Milk – I used Semi Skimmed
  • Honey
  • Flavoured Syrup – I used Caramel
  • Flavoured Dessert Syrup – I used Butterscotch
  • Squirty Cream
  • Cup to put it all in – I got mine from Home Bargains
  • Measuring cups – I got mine from Home Bargains
  • Blender
  • Ice


Firstly you would need to add 3/4 cups of the cooled coffee to the blender


Then add 1/2 cup of semi skimmed milk or whichever milk you prefer


Then add 3 tablespoons of honey for sweetness


Add however much of the flavoured syrup you like


Add some ice cubes, as many as you like!


Blend it all up!




Pour into your cup and add the squirty cream


Then finally add a drizzle of dessert syrup


Ta-dah! Delicious
If any of you give this recipe a go then I’d love to see photos on how yours turned out!

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