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January 17, 2015Loren
As an introduction to my blog I thought I would start of with letting you all get to know me. And I have chosen to do this in a creative way by using images from my Instagram – previously laa2512, now lorenxalicia
Going from left to right, top to bottom.

This is one of my favourite photos of my boyfriend and I. I believe this was taken before our Christmas light switch on where we live – hence the reindeer jumper. Mike and I have been together for around six months now and I have no idea what I would do without him in my life. Since we first met we have only spent a handful of nights apart as we have been joint at the hip. I feel like he brings out the best in me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

I enjoy taking time out of my day to treat myself to an at home manicure. This image is one of my most recent attempts at nail art which took me a while but I am so impressed with how it turned out. I especially like the colours as they look so festive, I am sure to keep experimenting with colours and patterns so keep your eyes peeled on my social medias.

As I find myself staying with Mike a lot recently, we spend endless evenings playing video games on the Xbox. And after purchasing my own controller so we could play two player games together, I decided to buy a pink case for mine to give it a feminine touch – and to also make sure we don’t mix them up.

This is a photograph of one of my cats back at home, we have three in total but you do not know how difficult it would of been to get them all in one shot. So I went with my latest picture of our only boy who is called Tom. Tom cat – get it? I have thousands of images of my little kitties so follow me over on Instagram to see more about the lovelies.

After Coca Cola did their ‘Share a Coke’ range, I was forever hunting for a bottle with my name on it which was spelt my way. However, I kept coming across numerous ‘Lauren’s’ and I was about to give up hope when I saw on Facebook that a Coca Cola truck was at my local Tesco. This truck was not only just any truck, it allowed you to customize your own bottle with any word you wanted – bingo. We were asked to go into Tesco and buy a bottle of Coke and then they would put it through there machine and we could print our own name onto it for free – bonus!

I have only recently discovered the amazing thing that is Pop Tarts. I came across them in my local supermarket and have been hooked ever since. My current favourite is the Chocolate ones, however I have not tried any of the other flavours yet, so that could all change.

I currently drive a silver Hyundai i10, and this is a photograph of the day I picked it up from the garage. I love everything about the car, it is comfortable and easy to drive, it also feels like a big bubble around me so makes me feel safe. I also noticed that it seems to be a bit higher off the ground so almost feels like a minibus when I get out of it, but that is what makes the car so quirky.

So the last two photos are linked so I would talk about them together. I have been figure skating for about a year now and I am well on my way to signing off my Skate UK levels 1-10. My skates were one of my most expensive purchases every but they were so worth it, the ones I use are the Jackson Classiques.

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