Lee Stafford Hair Growth Review

March 19, 2016Loren

I have been using these two products together for quite a few months now, infact I have just finished the hair mask and re-purchased it as I am in love with it. These products are from the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range. I picked these up from boots and I believe they currently have a 2 for £10 offer on this which is great value considering the mask itself is £8. I purchased these just after Christmas as one of my goals for this year was to try and let my hair grow as I usually attempt this but then get bored as it doesn’t grow quickly so opt for the chop and then it becomes a vicious circle. I had seen some good reviews on this range of products and saw some pretty impressive results. However, I decided to only pick up the mask and the leave in treatment instead of the shampoo and conditioner as I already had others from Tresseme and some of you will know how long it takes to finish one of them bad boys which is what makes them great value for money. But anyway back on topic.

I had seen reviews where people had said that these products smell funny and from my experience I did not find that these smelt bad at all. When using the mask to begin with I noticed a massive difference even when rinsing it off as my hair felt a lot smoother. And after using the leave in treatment then blow drying my hair I could not get over how much better my hair felt. It felt so smooth and fresh and noticed that it didn’t sit straight on my head and gave it some lift as it cleansed my scalp from all the oils produced.

I have used these products together every time I showered religiously until I finished the mask which took me a couple months which is not bad at all. As I said previously I have re purchased the mask and have been using this once a week instead of everytime and I still have the same results. Also, I still have a fair bit left of the treatment so I use that everytime I wash my hair as I have done previously.

In regards to hair growth I noticed that as my hair felt a lot healthier and fresher that I could see that my hair was starting to grow, not at an excessive crazy rate that some people might think, but I’d like to think it grew an inch or so during the process.

I would highly recommend these products to anyone that is wanted to have healthier hair and the added bonus of some hair growth.

See the full range of the Hair Growth products from Lee Stafford here

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