Loreal Colorista temporary hair dye

March 1, 2017Loren

Over the past week or so I have seen these hair dyes all over social media. Therefore while I was in town last weekend I decided to pick myself some up to try. I love the new ranges that Loreal have come out with. They have done 1 day, 1-2 week and permanent dyes to accomodate for everyones requirements and commitment to the colour. I chose the Dirty Pink colour which lasts a week. I also picked up a blue one which lasts up to 2 weeks but I am saving that til a later date.

I like how they split the ranges too, for example they have pastel shades aimed at blondes and bright shades aimed at brunettes so they cater for all colour ranges which is amazing!

The box itself comes with instructions, the dye and 2 pairs of gloves which is so handy. I decided to only do the bottom half of my hair so the second pair of gloves comes in useful if I was to dye my hair again or top up the colour as it fades.

 This is my hair before the dye was applied
 This is with the dye on
And this is what my hair looked like after
Looking at my hair now I think I could of got away with the whole bottle on the ends of my hair for a more vibrant look however I like how pastel it is, almost like a rose gold. The box itself recommends 15-20 mins for pastel and 20-30 minutes for vibrant. I left the dye on for 18 minutes so I can imagine if I left the dye on longer it would be more of a brighter pink but I stuck to the pastel scale as a first attempt. These 1-2 week wash out dyes cost £6 in Boots and Superdrug at the moment. Check out their website for more colours and lasting power of dyes.


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