Making My Mums Birthday Cake

August 29, 2015Loren

Its my mums birthday on Tuesday but as my other half is working on Monday and our shifts are different on Tuesday we decided that we would go over tomorrow to see her and drop the presents off and have a meal with them.

This is how I made my mums birthday cake:

 I used two of the Tesco’s own Packet Mixes

 Added them both into the bowl together

 Added 2 eggs and 10 tablespoons of water

 And mixed it all together

 I then lined my sandwich tins with grease proof/baking paper

 And poured the mixture evenly between the two tins.

 I then placed them into the oven for 15 minutes on 180 degrees(fan assisted) and left them to cool.

 I then removed one of the layers from the tins and covered the top in chocolate icing.

 Then placed the second layer on top.

 And covered the top layer and the sides with Vanilla Icing so that the fondant icing would stick nicely to the cake

 I used the Tesco Ready Rolled white icing (because I’m lazy and this is less stressful)

 And draped it over the cake.

 Then I cut around the cake, removing the excess icing.

 To decorate the cake I used these Cake Angels Roses and arranged them in a circle around the cake

Finally, using some pink heart decorations i made a heart shape in the middle of the cake.

I will add the candles to the cake tomorrow when I see my mum.

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