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August 28, 2015Loren

I don’t often find a CD that I love all of the songs in so I thought I’d share my favourite albums with you guys because they are amazing and I pretty much know all the words to the songs on them. And I will also try and tell you guys (after a good old think) what my favourite song on the albums are.

Rihann – Talk that Talk 
This is one of the first albums I actually over listened to in the car. I love the songs on this CD, I mean yeah some have some quite dirty suggestive lyrics but I am in love with Rihanna’s voice and the tunes of the songs. My favourite song from this album has got to be either Drunk on Love or Fool in Love.

Neon Jungle – Welcome to the Jungle
I first heard of this band when I went to a Jessie J concert a few years ago and recognized one of the songs they were playing from a Geordie Shore episode which I was itching to find out what the song was called. Soon after the concert I became obsessed with Neon Jungle and I must of listened to this CD for 5 months straight in my car. My favourite song from this album has got to be either Louder or So Alive.

Taylor Swift – 1989
I wasn’t really a big fan of Taylor Swifts music to begin with (the older stuff) and I heard loads of good reviews about this album and at the time I quite liked the Bad Blood track. So I gave in and purchased the deluxe addition which came with a few more tracks which was amazing. I love all of the songs on this CD so much, I bought this CD back in April and it is still in my car now! My favourite song from this album has got to be either Wonderland or New Romantics

Maroon 5 – Overexposed
I am a huge fan of Maroon 5 and I have even seen them in concert and got some cool pictures of Adam Levine from there. I love their new music but I can’t help but think that Overexposed has got to be my favourite album of theirs because I know the words to every song off it and it was the first CD I had in my car so I have a lot of happy memories from listening to the music. My favourite song from this album has got to be either Lucky Strike or Doin’ Dirt

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