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September 9, 2016Loren
I looked through my makeup drawer a couple days ago and I discovered that I have quite a few foundations mounting up. It takes me ages to find a new foundation to love and then after a while I switch it up because I find that my skin has a love hate relationship with committing to a foundation.


Rimmel Fresher Skin in Light Porcelain, Max Factor Whipped Creme in Light Ivory,  Barry M Flawless Matte in Light, Seventeen On The Spot Foundation in Porcelain, Rimmel Match Perfection in Light Porcelain and Rimmel Wake Me Up in Light Porcelain

As you can see I have a fair few shades of foundations and each kind has a different texture and look on my skin, which is why I have never thrown them out. I do have a lot more cooler toned foundations compared to warm toned as I find the warm toned ones start to look orange on my skin after a while. Whereas the cooler toned foundations blend in nicely with my skin tone. If you want to know more on cool and warm undertones then you can check out my previous blog post where I covered some simple steps on how to identify which area you fall into more or whether you are a bit of both – one of the lucky ones out there!

These foundations all have a similar texture as I tend to go for liquid foundations as I find that that is the formula which best fits my skin type. I have mostly normal skin but I also get dry patches around my nose.

Just looking at these swatches shows the variation in tones for a specific colour, for example look at the last 3 shades. These are all ‘Porcelain’ yet the swatch on the left looks much darker. I find that my skin suits more of a Porcelain shade as I find that Ivory looks a bit too orange on me.

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