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November 16, 2015Loren
I picked up some Nivea products from my local supermarket as they were on offer and my skin needed a bit of a helping hand as it hasn’t been in the best condition the past few weeks. I bought the following products from their daily essentials range:

  • Refreshing Facial Wash Gel – Cleanses and hydrates by supporting the skin’s own moisture balance
    Invigorates the skin due to its mild and refreshing formula that contains Vitamin E
  • Rich Moisturising Day Cream – Helps to protect the skin from sunlight induced environmental influences and premature ageing with SPF 15. The formulation with Almond Oil gives your skin the intensive moisture it needs to support its natural balance
  • Soothing Cleansing Mousse – Cleanses the skin deeply but mildly. Moisturises the skin to keep its natural moisture balance. Provides a great cleansing experience thanks to its very soft foam formula and its pleasant scent. The formula with Almond Oil is mildly caring. The skin is deeply but mildly cleansed, soft and smooth, looking healthy and beautiful
  • 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes – The textured side exfoliates dirt and impurities to effectively refine skin. The soft side deeply cleanses and removes make up without irritation, The highly effective formula with active Magnolia extract helps prevent impurities

After using these products for a week or so I have noticed a lot of difference in my skin. I was using these products in pairs. I was using my cleansing wipes and day cream before I went to bed, I know it says day cream but as I got the dry skin version to help with my dry patches as the weather gets colder I found that this is quite thick. And as it was thick I found it difficult to fit into my morning routine as I was left with a sticky face as I had to rush and put my foundation on when the cream wasn’t fully sunk in. For my mornings I used my facial gel followed by the cleansing mousse, I love how the formula of this is liquid to foam, and as it is so light it is so easy to apply and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

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