Operation Wardrobe Sort Out

February 8, 2018lorenxalicia

I swear I am forever sorting out my wardrobe and donating clothes left right and center, but I always seem to keep running out of space for my pieces. Recently I have been inspired by YouTube videos about building a capsule wardrobe where all of your items of clothing can mix and match with one another. Which to me sounded amazing, as I’m tired of having certain tops or trousers that I can only wear with a couple of things. As well as this, a sort out was well over due as we are soon to be transitioning into Spring and I want to move most of my jumpers out of my wardrobe to make room for my lighter pieces.

Operation Wardrobe Sort Out

And now for the embarrassing bit, this is my wardrobe before I started to go through it all. I had so many items of clothing I had purchased but never worn, along with ones that I bought oversize but made me look larger than I am, so didn’t reach for at all. There were even a couple dresses from past Ice Shows which needed to be moved out to my designated dressing-up box I had created a few weeks before from items I had found under our bed in boxes before we had the new bed delivered.

To start off with, I took everything out of my wardrobe and lay it out so I could see it better. This also made moving my wardrobe around so much easier as I wanted to make the spare room look bigger by having the furniture against the other wall, in line with the door.

Now for the initial sorting out, I made 4 areas of clothes;

  • Keep – which went back in the wardrobe
  • Throw – for clothes that were torn or old
  • Donate – for clothes of good condition which I didn’t want anymore
  • Unsure – to go at the bottom of the wardrobe or in a space saver bag

Here are just two images of my piles.

Operation Wardrobe Sort Out

Operation Wardrobe Sort Out

And after many hours of going through my belongings I managed to get 1 bag to donate, 1 to throw, 1 space saver bag filled and my wardrobe looks so much more pleasing to the eyes. I can see all of the colours I enjoy wearing and I know I can style with other items of clothing and coats. So now looking in there is so much less stressful.

Operation Wardrobe Sort Out


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