Pamper Night Essentials

September 21, 2016Loren

Everyone knows how important it is to take some ‘me time’ and give yourself a pamper. With my busy schedule I love to take some time out and relax, there’s nothing nicer than just clearing your head for a while and wind down. Which brings me onto the subject of this blog post, my pamper night essentials.

I like to run myself a nice hot bath, pop in a bath bomb, bubble bath and some bath petals. Sometimes I even like to go all out and light some candles while I am in there if its starting to get dark outside. My favourite bath bombs to use at the moment are from Lush as they have a wide range of beautifully hand made products.

While I take a bath I like to exfoliate my face and my body using the Nivea exfoliating scrub and the Victoria Secret exfoliating wash. To give my skin a good clean and leave it feeling silky fresh. For an extra good scrub I like to use my exfoliating mitt with the products.

When I get round to washing my hair I like to use the Lee Stafford hair mask in between my shampoo and conditioner to help revitalize my hair and keep it looking fresh. I leave the mask on for about 5 minutes to allow it to work its magic and then rinse it out before applying my conditioner. This hair mask in particular is supposed to increase hair growth, which I am putting to the test as since the start of 2016 I have been on a mission to grown my hair.

After I get out of the bath I like to apply a face mask and relax. Most times if I am not going out anywhere after washing my hair I put it into plaited pig tails and let it air dry. I love leaving my hair to dry like this as once it is dry in the morning it creates beautiful waves. I leave my face mask on for 5 to 10 minutes and while this is in place I like to paint my nails. As I don’t usually have time to keep my nails in a tip top condition I like to give them a fresh while I have my pamper night.

Finally, once the face mask is off and my nails are dry, I like to snuggle down on the sofa under the blanket, pop the candles and fire on and enjoy watching a movie with a cup of tea by my side. A perfect way to finish off a night of relaxation.

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