Why the partying lifestyle is not for me.

May 26, 2018lorenxalicia

New on the night life scene, 18 year old me loved the idea of going out with my friends in town and drinking. However, I started to notice that I was not enjoying being out as much as I thought I would. In the films and on social media, they make the whole partying lifestyle look like an important right of passage into adulthood, something that everyone should make the most out of. This is why at the beginning I made a conscious effort to go out as many weekends as I could.

For me, I started to fall out of love with the fazed ideal of a ‘good time’ the more I went out and took part in this activity. I found that the drinking lost it’s novelty after the first couple of trips and I soon ended up coming home more defeated and upset than hyped and excited. Uncertain of whether it was the outings themselves that were making me feel so low, or the people I surrounded myself by when I was there. Personality wise, I can tend to be quite introverted and quite which makes me feel on the outside of a group meet-up at the best of times. But by adding the alcohol to the mix, I was left in an alienated state, making me want to go home.

After adjusting the group of friends I went out with, I soon started to enjoy myself again. However, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I longed for a cup of tea and a snuggle rather than being surrounded by sweaty drunk strangers on an unnervingly sticky dance floor. Don’t get me wrong, I get great pleasure out of catching up with my friends, but the whole girls night out aspect of life is something I just don’t lust for anymore.

For most people, partying is a core part of their weekly activities, and I don’t knock that – each to their own. In my opinion, them types of nights are for singles who are out for hook-ups or to explore relationships with new people, not for the settled homebody like me.

Although the days of nights on the town are far behind me, my fiance and I do still enjoy drinking together. We find that by doing this in the comfort of our own home, we are much more comfortable and relaxed then in a bar, allowing us to enjoy ourselves much more. It is also nicer on the bank balance this way, as you are not paying out a stupid amount of money on a night of drinks, or scrambling around for taxi fare at the end of the night. Plus, as we are already at home, if we are feeling sleepy or sick, we do not have to face the public bathroom puke sessions and can go straight to bed for a snooze.

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