Pokeball Bath Bombs

September 16, 2016Loren

After the release of Pokemon Go the world seems to be in such an obsession with this modern expansion of a classic cartoon. Personally I love the game and have collected so many Pokemon and evolved a fair few. That feeling of excitement the game gives you when your phone vibrates when the app is open and you manage to catch the pokemon makes the game so much fun.

However, I am side tracking a little. Due to this heightened love for Pokemon there are so many new products coming out inspired by the game. This is where these amazing bath bombs come in, I was initially linked to these online by my mum and a close friend of mine, who clearly knew I was obsessed. The bath bombs are white and red with a ribbon around the center like the Pokeballs. The best thing about this idea is that when they dissolve into your bath creating a beautiful bubble bath, it also releases a cute little Pokemon character! How amazing is that!

When I found these online and told my fiance about them he was so amazed with the idea that he asked me to get him one too! I purchased mine from Pretty Suds here for £3.75. They are also handmade and cruelty free which is amazing.

The Pokeball came in the cutest packaging with a little string tie and on the back was a sticker which tells you more about the bath bomb and the ingredients.


When I opened the packaging the smell was amazing! It has a beautiful fruity scent and I think you can definitely smell the watermelon more than the others.
The pokeball itself looks amazing! It is a red and white bath bomb with a card band around the middle to make it look just like the real thing. Although you do need to remove the card bit before placing it into the water.




Overall I loved the bath bomb, it smelt amazing it looked amazing and the little treat inside was the icing on the cake. I will most definitely be purchasing more bath bombs in the future from Pretty Suds!


The Pokemon I got in my bath bomb is this little guy, after a google search it turns out he’s called Regirock!


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