Pumpkin Picking And Carving

October 21, 2017lorenxalicia

pumpkin picking and carving

This year instead of purchasing a pumpkin from a supermarket, like we have done the past couple times, we decided to actually go pick our own. Unfortunately, my other half was at work so I ended up going to the Canalside Farm with my parents to get both mine and Mike’s pumpkins. So with wheelbarrow in hand, I trundled off into the field to find the perfect pair of Pumpkins. I didn’t stray too far from the edge, but did manage to bag some decent sized ones. I didn’t fancy getting huuuge ones because, A they wouldn’t fit on our table outside and B I didn’t want them to be that expensive as I had not been there before to be able to judge them well.

pumpkin picking and carving

These are the two I picked up and for £3 each and they were an absolute bargain! I was rather surprised that these bad boys were classed as small as they go by weight not size. I would most definitely get our Pumpkins from the pick your own field again, as they do look considerably better than the ones you get in most supermarkets. And you get the added fun of using the wheelbarrow and going off exploring to find the ideal size and shape.

pumpkin picking and carving

After picking them on the Saturday, we carved them on the Wednesday night and they were still looking perfect, which was a bonus! Also, I discovered that by using a spaghetti spoon, the goop from the inside of the Pumpkin was so much easier to scoop out. Unlike last year, I chose to freestyle my carving instead of trying to use a stencil. However, my face turned out look a little too cute instead of scary.

pumpkin picking and carving

Mike on the other hand, went for a more artistically creepy approach to his design and together they look so good out on our table in the garden!

pumpkin carving and picking


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