Re-evaluating My Blog and Switching it Up

I was working on my blog the other day, trying to oomf up some of my older posts and it made me think. Yes I have received so many fantastic collaboration opportunities which I am so thankful for, but I also realized how my choice of topic has evolved. To begin with, my content as more personal, whereas I noticed I had fallen down the rabbit hole of reviews and product posts. Which really got me thinking about what I was writing about, and made me look back as to why I started.

My blog for me was a place where I could be myself and talk about what I have been up to, what I was enjoying doing as well as makeup and clothes I was wearing. On top of this, I had various posts which were more meaningful and personal to me, for example my letter to my younger self or even my glasses/contact lenses post.

Constant reviews and product posts weren’t necessarily what my blog started out being based on and I also found that I was spending a lot of money on makeup and things I didn’t really need, but felt like I should have. This constant buying meant that I wasn’t saving as much money as I’d like a month As Mike and I are looking at a wedding in the next few years and then eventually having enough to afford a home of our own, I needed to save as much as I could. And spending money on things I didn’t need and didn’t even end up making use of, was seeing me saving the minimum. This is also one of the factors why I wanted to switch up the content of my blog.

You also may of noticed that I haven’t been sharing my recent posts much on my social media pages, for example Twitter. This is because my confidence in my writing quality was really lacking so I wasn’t really up to promoting it much. I always try to share my images of posts on Instagram because I feel like that is my favourite platform of them all. I love experimenting with my photos and editing, which makes me really happy with my themes.

So, to be more true to myself I am planning on posting as regular as I can, without restricting myself and losing my motivation. And I also want to start writing for myself as well as my readers so that my content is more authentic and personal with a little sprinkle of reviews and products. Therefore you should expect some more heart to heart posts, restaurants I have visited, outfits I have been loving as well as a bit of baking, skating and makeup. I have already tried to incorporate more of this into my content as you can see from some of my latest posts but going forward I want to keep the variety of posts consistent.

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