Rimmel The Only One Matte

November 11, 2016Loren
The other day I saw that Rimmel had released a new line of their ‘Only One’ lipsticks, and this time they were matte. Which made me super excited to try them out as I have the original versions in a fair few colours and I absolutely love them but I tend to gravitate more towards matte lips rather than a sheen. I picked these up from my local Asda who had them on offer for £5 each when they usually retail for £6.98. Which was an absolute bargain!
I picked up three colours from the range; The Matte Factor, Trendsetter and High Flyer.



Top to Bottom; Matte Factor, Trend Setter and High Flyer
I have tried each of these shades out and given them a good road test. Just from the general looks of the lipsticks I was concerned with the shape of them as they are quite flat so was cautious of smearing it all round my mush and looking like coco the clown! But I did not have trouble with these at all! I was pleasantly surprised with how the lipsticks apply creamy but then dry to a matte – but not so matte that its drying. When wearing the lipsticks I also found that they lasted me the majority of the day without going all patchy. The colours I chose were amazing and I am pretty sure they come quite close to the Kylie Jenner Lipkits, I keep meaning to swatch them next to one another to show you guys, but I swear I will get round to it! Most dark colours I find fade really quickly, but not the matte maker, this was a tough cookie and stayed in place all day!
I would highly recommend that you try these lipsticks out because they are 100% worth it in my opinion!


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