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June 9, 2018lorenxalicia

Ever since I had an allergic reaction in the past couple years my skin has been very temperamental. Every new product I was using to take my makeup off with or try and heal my dryness with was making my skin react. It would get very warm and red, feeling almost like a sunburn. At the beginning this feeling used to scare me into thinking that my face was going to puff up again and rush to take a tablet. However, after a few months of my skin doing this I started to relax and realize it was probably the fact that my skin had become overly sensitive since that fateful day.

I had been on the hunt for a deep moisturizer which I could use day and night without discomfort or redness and a facial wash to clean my skin with. After hunting around drugstores I almost gave up, when I stumbled across these two products. They were both on offer in Tesco so I decided to pick them up and give them a go.


I got the Loreal Fine Flowers Gel-Cream for £2 down from £4 and the Triple Active Moisturizer for £4 down from £6.99. Which if you ask me is an absolute bargain! I am not too sure if they are still at this price as I bought them over a month ago now. I would of mentioned these to you sooner, but I wanted to get a good use out of them first.

Both of these products are for dry and sensitive skin, which is was sold them to me. And also they come in cute pink and white packaging which is a bonus. I love both of these skincare products and would definitely not bat an eyelid at paying full price for them as they most definitely help my skin out.


I use them in the morning when I wake up and at night before I go to sleep to get the most out of them. The texture of the facial wash is so soft and a small bit certainly goes a long way. All I do is wet my face then rub this around my face, wait a minute as advised to on the packaging and then wash it off and dry. When my skin is water-free, I then pop the moisturizer on and my skin feel so good.

Most days I leave the house like this and a little bit of mascara. However, if I am going out at a weekend I tend to make more of an effort with my makeup. My skin feels so hydrated and soft after using these products and it has really helped with the dryness. And it does not make my skin react which is so relieving. This feeling leaves me much more confident to leave the house without foundation or concealer as it looks more fresh and glowing.


After about 2 weeks of using these products I was so eager to try more of the Loreal skincare. Which is where I bought this face mask to try out. I had wanted to use a mask but I hadn’t anticipated how expensive since use ones had become. Like the hydra boost Garnier one was over £2 for one – mind blowing. This is what draw me to this mask by Loreal. I bought it from Boots for £7.99 as I was in there at the time but I am sure you can get it elsewhere cheaper.


It took me a while to determine which of their clay masks I wanted to get, but eventually I chose the Glow Mask. I had initially wanted to get the one for clear skin but I thought the exfoliate in it would irritate my skin, which is what I found before with spot clearing scrubs. Then I turned to the glow mask, it aims to make your skin look more healthy and glowing as well as acting as an exfoliator.

The mask goes on so nicely and is left for 10 minutes. I did not experience any tightness like I had before with other masks which was pleasantly surprising. When it came to taking it off, the exfoliating beads in it got to work with the circular rubbing motion. Concerned it would flare my skin up, I was gentle when removing it, but my skin was absolutely fine afterwards. It really opened my pores up and with a bit of moisturizer, made my skin feel so smooth.

You can find the products mentioned above here:

Boots – Wash, Moisturizer, Mask

Superdrug – Wash, Moisturizer, Mask

Tesco – Wash, Moisturizer, Mask

Asda – Wash, Moisturizer, Mask

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