September 8, 2015Loren

I am a natural blonde, I used to have bright blonde hair when I was younger but as I have gotten older it seems to of faded to a darker blonde. Having blonde hair comes with baggage, especially the stereotypes. I don’t see why people associate blonde girls with being dumb, I am actually quite smart, I work in IT as a Technical Support Analyst. I mean I do have my silly moments like how I managed to fall up the stairs the other day by stepping on my own foot, but doesn’t everyone? I don’t like how unfair the stereotype for blondes are, especially with the phrases ‘dumb blonde’ ‘blonde moments’ etc. The shade of your hair colour DOES NOT affect how your brain works, simple as that. And also people make out that blondes are the ‘side chicks’ and that guys will date a blonde but marry a brunette. Which is silly because a shade of hair colour will not affect if a guy wants to marry you, its about you as a person, not a colour.

Also, I find being a girl in a male dominated career such as IT to be quite demoralizing sometimes. When customers call and don’t take you seriously – I mean the amount of times I’ve been asked to ‘speak to one of the guys’ or ‘can I speak to blahblah’ because they see females as inferior and more like receptionists that actual engineers. Wise up guys, us girlies have brains too πŸ™‚

I mean being a girl full stop is a challenge of its own, with society in our faces telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. Don’t even get me started on the idolization of models and celebrities being a size 0! Young girls across the globe struggle with their body image and I went through it too, as a teenager wanting to be skinny so eating the bare minimum and skipping lunches at school. Its not good for your body and it will only make you feel worse if you continue getting yourself down about the way you look. Everyone is perfect in their own way and was made as an individual not a copy. Girls shouldn’t feel the need to be pressured into the ideals of the ‘perfect girl’ with a slim waist and big boobs because in actual fact no one looks like the pictures in the magazines, even models get touch ups and enhancements with editing software. Its just not feasible for a human being to force themselves to be one way or another. You shouldn’t need to feel like you have to compare yourselves to anyone else, just be yourself and people will love you for you πŸ™‚

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