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April 14, 2019lorenxalicia

When I was younger I used to love wearing sparkly clips and bows in my hair, however I thought as I got older the use of pretty things in your hair was deemed childish. However, with the recent trend of hair bands and scrunchies taking off I thought I would give it a go again and see how I could make them look more mature. So far I have three different types of hair accessories which I am experimenting with, however I expect that I will purchase more in the future when I feel more confident wearing them. Recently I have only really experimented with the use of braids in my hairstyles but by using scrunchies and headbands I felt more exposed than normal. But I think that was just because I hadn’t worn them in a while and wasn’t used to seeing myself with them in.

All of the hair accessories I have at the moment were purchased from Primark as I wanted a cheaper alternative to set the waters of the latest trend rather than spending high street prices on them. However, I have loved wearing each of these as they can totally transform your look and outfit which is amazing. So I reckon I may look further afield at somepoint and invest in hair accessories from other brands and stores as I have clocked a few designs I just adore but couldn’t bring myself to shell out for them if I wasn’t going to get my wear out of them.

I was very unsure of this first accessory I purchased from Primark as it contained a large bow and I wasn’t sure if it would make me look like a child. This particular scrunchie came in a pack of three which were grey/green, purple and black.

This type of design could look rather effective at the base of a ponytail like I have used it in the image provided. But it could also look quite pretty around a bun as the bow could be places on top with the ends dangling either side of could be at the base of a high bun for a cute finish.

I haven’t worn this out and about yet but I have ideas of wearing them in the summer with dresses to increase the cute feel of the outfit while still remaining mature. Therefore this image I have of the bow scrunchie is actually with a casual hoodie after I bought them as I am still in the process of planning the styling of them.

The next purchase I made was this snake print scrunchie with two extra strips of fabric either side. I am not sure which way this is supposed to be worn, but I have enjoyed wearing it with the material at the bottom then tied up around the scrunchie for extra lift. I love the colours of this accessory as I feel that it suits by complexion and hair colour perfectly. It also is a subtle pop of the animal print trend without having to wear it on my body.

When I have been wearing this hair accessory recently I have enjoyed pairing it with neutral colour palettes. For example in the image provided you can see that I am wearing it with my favourite pink jacket, I also had on a white tee, blue jeans and nude booties to complete the look. However I feel like this could also look quite nice with a monochrome, black and nude or full black outfit too. I have only really had the chance to experiment with winter to spring looks so far with this scrunchie but I look forward to seeing how I can style it in the summertime.

Lastly, my most recent addition to my hair accessory collection is this headband. I was weary about bands like this with the knot on the top as I was concerned that they may accentuate the roundness of my face. However, I feel that this headband actually looks quite good along side black jeans and shoes or a black jacket to tie in the monochrome colour scheme.

I adore how the spots brings a vintage vibe to the hair accessory and I am certainly considering purchasing more headbands but in lighter colours to complement my blonde hair more. When I was younger I struggled with hair bands as they always seemed to be digging in my head, but this material is softer than the typical metal band which means you can wear it for a long period of time without and discomfort.

The next few pieces of hair accessories I want to try and hair clips and bandanas. Clips would be perfect for adding a pop of sparkle or design to my hair whether it is up or down and can also be handy to keep my fringe out of my face. I have also seen some online which can help you make a half up-do look even more chic. I also love the idea of bandanas or scarves in the hair as these can be used to wrap around your ponytail or buns to finish off the look or could even be used around your head like a hairband.

Do you have any go-to hair accessories that you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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