Take a Look Around Our Festive Lounge

December 8, 2017lorenxalicia

Everyone enjoys being nosy once in a while don’t they? So to continue the sharing of Christmas festivities, I thought I would share with you what decorations we have put up in our living room. From cuddly toys to candles, we have got a ton of Xmas goodies to share with you. However, I dare say there may be a few more creeping into existence as I come across adorable bits and bobs in the shops. Without further ado, see the pictures below and take a look around our festive lounge!

Festive Lounge

Ignore the freeze frame of Walking Dead on the TV, yes I was watching this as I was putting up the tree the other weekend. Lets just say trying to be festive when hearing zombie noises in the background is rather difficult! But at least I am now all caught up after being 3 weeks behind.

Festive Lounge

We have had these nude and brown furry cushions for a while now, can not remember for the life of me where we bought them from. But I want to say the range? I have also tried to add a pop of colour onto the sofa with this super cute reindeer cushion from B&M, they also did this in a grey but I feel like the red makes a proper ‘Its Christmas’ statement if you know what I mean?

Festive Lounge

And to carry on the theme of a dash of red, I also got this other cushion from B&M too and I am in love with the print on it. They did have a matching blanket in the shop which I wanted to get but the only red one was all out of the packaging as if someone had got it out and fiddled with it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel right buying something in that kind of condition, or am I just fussy? However, when I went to Tesco I came across this big soft red and white heart patterned blanket which was on a half price offer – bargain! It is so huge and it makes the perfect snuggle blanket for when me and Mike are watching a film. So it all worked out in the end.

Festive Lounge

And this is the other angle of our living room where the tree is. As we have a lot of furniture in our lounge it proves to be quite tricky where the tree can go, however for the past three Christmas’ now it has been here. And here it will remain for the coming years I reckon.


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