Ted Baker Porcelain Bow Lip Collection

January 20, 2018lorenxalicia

In 2016, my other half bought me a selection of Ted Baker makeup from Boots and since then I have been hooked. They are not only fantastic quality products, they are also beautifully packaged which is an added bonus. So when I saw this gift set in the Boxing Day sales it went straight in my basket. In this Ted Baker Porcelain Bow Lip Collection you get 6 lipsticks as well as 6 corresponding nail polishes, however today I am only covering the lipsticks for you lovely lot. You can find it on the Boots website here or check in your local store.

I swear I own way too many lipsticks already, but I couldn’t resist trying these out. After all, every lipsticks shade is different and there are a variety of finish combinations. This is the excuse I give myself every time I try to justify purchasing more to try.

Ted Baker Porcelain Bow Lip Collection

The lipsticks themselves are in a delicate rose gold tube with a T engraved onto the top. Also, around the center of the casing are the words ‘Ted Baker’. I find that by being designed this way, they almost remind me of the Charlotte Tilbury styled lipsticks. However, at only £25 for 6 including nail polishes, they are a considerably better value for money.

Another one of my favourite things about these beauties, are that they have the letter T on the top of the product. This easily enhances the desirability and look of them, almost making me feel guilty for using them as I may ruin such an intricate detail. However, lipsticks are for wearing and not just for looking at, but lets face it, to prolong this design, I will be using them sparingly.

Ted Baker Porcelain Bow Lip Collection

I love the colour range in this set, there is every shade you could ever need in one collection. In order from lightest to darkest there is a cool toned brown nude, pale pink, pink nude, dusky pink, berry and deep red. The finish of the lipsticks are matte which are my favourite type of lip products.

Overall I am in awe of these lipsticks and I definitely see me wearing them constantly as you can wear each of the shades with any makeup look. And for the price, they are definitely worth purchasing if you can get your hands on them.




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