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July 23, 2015Loren
Blush or Bronzer
I don’t really tend to use blusher much but I do contour so I would go for Bronzer
Lipgloss or Lipstick
Going to have to go for Lipstick, don’t like the feeling of lipgloss and the fact everything sticks to it!
Eyeliner or Mascara
I would probably go for eyeliner as my eyes feel like they look naked without it
Foundation or Concealer
I’d go for concealer 
Neutral or Color Eyeshadow
Neutrals all the way, when I think coloured eye shadow I look back to that awkward tween stage when experimenting with makeup and getting it so wrong!
Pressed or Loose eye shadows
Pressed, feel like I’d make too much mess with a loose pigment
Brushes or Sponges
I tend to use brushes
O.P.I or China Glaze
O.P.I, mainly because I’ve never used China Glaze so can’t really compare
Long or Short
Long nails as they are easier to work with when painting
Acrylic or Natural
Natural, I’m blessed with lovely strong nails that can grow real long!
Brights or Darks
Brights, I love my nails to be colourful because it just brightens your mood, I mean who wants to stare at boring black nails over a vibrant pink?
Flower or No Flower
Perfume or Body Spritz
I love a floral and sweet perfume!
Lotion or Body Butter
I’d go for body butter in specific the Body Shop ones because they smell lush!
Body wash or Soap
Its got to be body wash, a lovely yummy smelling one 
Jeans or Sweat pants
Depends on whether I was leaving the house or not, but my default is sweats, because comfort is everything!
Long sleeve or Short
Long sleeve, I’m self conscious of my upper arms so definitely like to hide them away
Dresses or Skirts
Skirts, I especially love wearing skater skirts with cami tops tucked in
Stripes or Plaid
Flip flops or Sandals
Sandals, because they look a bit more put together than flip flops
Scarves or Hats
Scarves definitely, I’m so not a hat person!
Studs or Dangly Earrings
Studs, because I like putting them in and being able to forget about them so my holes don’t heal up. Yes that is lazy.
Necklaces or Bracelets
I love a good statement necklace
Heels or Flats
Flats, I only tend to wear heels for nights out or a special occasion as I feel like bambi walking in them!
Jacket or Hoodie
I’d probably go for a jacket, like a leather (faux) jacket
New Look or Primark
Hmm… tough one I’d probably go for Primark because whenever I go there I come back with a ton of stuff and I sometimes find it difficult to find things in New Look. 
Next or River Island
Next, I like their shoes. River island clothes just confuse me because they have the most crazy overpriced stuff in there
Curly or Straight
I have naturally straight hair so I’d go for curly because curls just make you feel so much better!
Bun or Ponytail
Ponytail, buns remind me too much of primary schools, hair nets and scrunchies
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips
Bobby pins all the way! Although they always seem to go walkies when I need them most…
Hair spray or Gel
Hair spray definitely, tried gel once in high school and ended up making my hair look stupidly greasy, never again
Long or Short
Short, its so much easier to handle
Light or Dark
Light, I’m a natural blonde, tried to fight it once and went to brown but decided that blondes definitely have more fun!
Side sweep bangs or Full bangs
Side sweep, I keep swapping between the two but I keep going back to the side bangs 
Up or Down
Down, only really wear it up for skating or when my hair is having a real bad day
Rain or Shine
Rain, I find the sound of the rain falling so soothing
Summer or Winter
Winter, because winter means cosy and Christmas which is my favourite time of year, and not just because its my birthday! Yupp Xmas day baby, check me out.
Autumn or Spring
Autumn, because its still sort of warm but the leaves are changing colour and its conker season and it just means that we are getting closer to winter.
Chocolate or Vanilla
Now thats a tough one..I’d probably go for chocolate

Loren x

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